Allison Janney Reveals Tonya Harding Texted Her on the Oscars Red Carpet (Exclusive)

The 'Mom' actress opened up to ET about Tonya Harding's sweet text messages of support during this awards season.

Even the brightest stars get nervous at Hollywood's biggest night!

Allison Janney, who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in I, Tonya, admitted to ET that she showed up to the 2018 Oscars red carpet with a "dry mouth" and butterflies in her stomach.

"This [feels] like when I did Broadway last spring," the Mom actress nervously explained to ET's Kevin Frazier and Nancy O'Dell. "Every night when I would go on [stage,] I'd look at my co-star, John Hickey, and go, 'There's no moisture in my mouth.' This is what happens when I get nervous. I'm nervous!"

Janney, who has already picked up the Golden Globe, SAG Award and Independent Spirit Award for her big screen portrayal of Tonya Harding's mother, is the projected frontrunner to bring home the Academy Award on Sunday night.

And apparently Harding herself has been cheering on Janney for the entire awards season. "As a matter of fact, [Tonya] just texted me today," she revealed. "I just saw [the text] as I was coming down the carpet but then I got pulled [to do interviews.]

"She's just been so supportive and loving of me," Janney continued. "The first time I met her, she said, 'My god! You nailed my mother,' and I didn’t know what to say … so I just gave her a hug and I said, 'I'm so sorry you had that kind of an environment when you were growing up.'"

"[Tonya] is just a really lovely woman who seems to have found happiness and love," Janney said. "She has a child that she loves and she's very sweet and supportive and she sends me texts to say, 'Go get 'em, girl!' and she's pretty great."

If Janney does snag the golden statuette, the 58-year-old actress already knows how she's going to celebrate. "Probably, if I win, it would go right from parties to work," she admitted of her Monday morning plans. "I have a table read [for Mom] at 10 in the morning -- whether I win or not."

"But you know what? I kind of love that I have something to do tomorrow no matter what because [my Mom co-stars and crew] all love me there and they will love me no matter what happens." Janney added. "And Patti LuPone is going to be on our show, so I get to be with her tomorrow."