Amanda Bynes Remains Hospitalized After Being Placed on Psychiatric Hold: Report

What Amanda Bynes Was Doing in the Hours Leading Up to Her Hospitalization

The former child star was originally placed under the psychiatric hold on March 19.

Amanda Bynes remains in a mental health hospital, nearly three weeks after being placed under a psychiatric hold, according to TMZ. ET has reached out to Bynes' rep.

The outlet reports that while Bynes' release date is still undetermined, those around her are formulating an outpatient treatment place to make sure she stays on the right path, when the time comes. 

TMZ sources say that Bynes and the medical staff she's working with are taking her treatment on a week-by-week basis. The former child star is not being forced to stay at the facility and is reportedly not ready to leave just yet. 

News of Bynes' ongoing hospitalization comes after a March 26 report that her psychiatric hold was extended for a week -- possibly longer. TMZ reported, at the time, that the Amanda Show star was not communicating with anyone close to her and may not be aware of the incidents that led up to her hospitalization. 

On March 19, Bynes was originally placed under a psychiatric hold after she was found roaming the streets of Los Angeles naked. Bynes flagged a car down and told the driver she was coming down from a psychotic episode, before calling 911 herself. 

Bynes, who was unharmed during the incident, was then taken to a nearby police station, where a mental health team determined she needed to be placed on a psychiatric hold, law enforcement sources told the outlet.

Following the news, an eyewitness told ET, "Amanda was wandering alone on Hollywood Blvd. at around 1 am on Saturday. No one really recognized her or noticed her. She was walking tensely and by herself. A woman started walking with her and tried to help her. Amanda asked the woman to hold her."

"Amanda seemed to be in a loving, wholesome mood," the eyewitness said, and added that Bynes, "seemed as though she was out of it."

The eyewitness additionally told ET, at the time, that Bynes "asked to be dropped off at her friend’s place in Beverly Hills. When the woman went to drop her off, Amanda’s friend did not answer."

"Amanda said she did not want to go home and noted that her boyfriend kicked her out," the eyewitness shared. "Amanda then asked to be dropped back off on Hollywood Blvd., and the woman obliged."

Bynes was placed under a conservatorship in 2013 that placed her mother, Lynn Bynes under control of her. Bynes' conservatorship was terminated in March 2022 after she "provided facts that the conservatorship is no longer needed" to the court. Her parents supported the end of the conservatorship, a source told ET at the time.