Amanda Gorman Reveals the Conversation She Overheard the Obamas Having on Inauguration Day

The newly minted celeb poet spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about her experience during the high-profile ceremony.

Amanda Gorman says she was a little star struck at the inauguration ceremony last week, even as she stole the spotlight with her historic appearance. The National Youth Poet Laureate spoke with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, and reflected on her incredible experience.

Gorman, who lives in Los Angeles, attended the high-profile event in Washington, D.C. with her mother, and took center stage when she became the youngest inaugural poet in the nation's history.

After reciting her poem, "The Hill We Climb," Gorman had the opportunity to spend some time with the event's other super-star guests -- including Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez, as well as Barack and Michelle Obama.

Gorman reflected on how she actually overheard Michelle having to repeatedly remind her gregarious husband to remember to stay socially distant during the ceremony.

"She kind of kept yelling at Barack, 'Stop hugging people! Stop getting close to people!'" Gorman said with a laugh.

However, the poet said that the former first lady forgot that advice when she got a chance to speak with Gorman later on.

"When I was done, she kind of pushed him out of the way and gave me just the biggest, warmest Michelle Obama hug," Gorman recalled. 

Gorman said that it was the first time she'd ever met the former president, but that she's had the opportunity to meet Michelle a few times in the past and it's always a joy.

"When I hug her, I'm so short my forehead is like in her bellybutton, and it's the best feeling," Gorman said, beaming.

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