Amanda Kloots Says Nick Cordero 'Is Still Alive' in Their 1-Year-Old Son Elvis

Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots at the "Going In Style" New York Premiere
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Amanda Kloots sees her late husband, Nick Cordero, in their 1-year-old son, Elvis. The 38-year-old fitness instructor lost her husband to a brutal battle with coronavirus last month, but she doesn't feel he's left her completely thanks to their little boy. 

On Sunday, Kloots posted a stunning side-by-side shot of Elvis and his late father that was sent to her by a fan. 

"I've noticed now that Elvis does this look a lot to me. When he is playing and I call his name to look at me or we are cuddling in bed and he looks up at me," she wrote. "It makes my heart melt. ❤️"

She went on to write about how Elvis is keeping the Broadway star's memory and legacy alive. 

"I feel so lucky to have Elvis in my life. A piece of Nick that is still alive. I am so grateful for that," she continued. "I am trying to find the things in my life that I am grateful for through this difficult time when nothing seems right. I always start my day with a positive quote but I am going to start adding in what I am grateful for to remind me that there are always blessings even in the most difficult of times."

Cordero died in early July after a 95-day battle with coronavirus, which forced him to undergo multiple procedures including having his leg amputated. Throughout the experience, Kloots' positive efforts inspired fans. 

For more from the family, watch the clip below: 


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