Amanda Kloots Says She Scattered Some of Nick Cordero's Ashes in the Pacific Ocean

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The Broadway star's widow is also hoping to make a necklace out of some of his remaining ashes.

Amanda Kloots has her reasons for scattering some of her late husband, Nick Cordero's, ashes in the Pacific Ocean. Kloots took to her Instagram on Monday to hold a Q&A with fans, sharing details of where she was placing Cordero's ashes. The late Broadway star died in July after a battle with the coronavirus.

"I put some of them in the Pacific Ocean on our anniversary because his dad's were also put in the Pacific," Kloots said in response to one fan's question, before revealing another thing she hopes to do with her late husband's remains.

"Looking for suggestions for necklaces to be made with some of his ashes," she wrote. "I've heard this can be done and haven't had time to research it yet."


Another fan pointed out Kloots' ongoing positivity throughout the tragedy, before asking if she's really doing OK.

"I am OK. Am I amazing? Am I the happiest I've ever been? Obviously the answer is no," she admitted. "But I strive every day to find the good! Every day to push myself to keep moving. That is what Nick would hope for and want me to do."

"I cry every day, but that doesn't mean I'm not OK or staying positive," she continued. "Grieving doesn't have to mean I'm laying in bed all day and can't move."

Kloots went on to share the things that are helping her through the challenging time, one of which is her and Cordero's son, 1-year-old Elvis.

"Moving is helping me grieve. Playing with Elvis is helping me be OK. Planning things and working on my business makes me happy. Makes me feel normal," she wrote. "So yes, I am OK because I am choosing to do so."


Kloots' Q&A session came the same month that she spoke at a memorial for her late husband, which streamed on

"I love my husband so much, and I'm so proud of the fight that he did that I watched, every single day, as he fought for his life. My husband, he was a dreamer, he was everybody's friend, he was an incredible husband, an amazing father, brother, son, best friend. He just was the kind of guy that everybody liked to have around," she said in part. "The last three months of Nick's life, he truly showed me what a strong person he was. Fighting every single day for his life, for me and for Elvis. I will miss you every single day sweetheart. I love you so much. Thank you for leaving us with your music."