Amanda Knox Reveals She and Christopher Robinson Are Already Married Ahead of Upcoming Nuptials

amanda knox chris robinson

Months before her planned nuptials, Amanda Knox has revealed that she’s already married to fiance Christopher Robinson

The author and activist posted a press release to her wedding website on Thursday, stating that the couple is legally wed, though they are still planning to celebrate their nuptials on Feb. 29 of next year. 

"We filed paperwork to be legally married in December of last year to simplify our taxes and insurance. But we have not yet celebrated our wedding with our loved ones," stated the release. "This is, frankly, no one's business but our own, and should be no more shocking than the fact that we’ve been living together for years."

Knox also took the time to address “tabloid” reports about the couple’s decision to set up a wedding fund, after they traveled to Italy earlier this year to speak on behalf of the Italy Innocence Project.

"We are paying for everything upfront ourselves," the couple stated. "And like many young couples today, we’ve replaced the traditional gift registry with a wedding fund. Thousands of people do this every year because traditional gift registries are outmoded—couples who already live together don’t need toasters and dishware."
"We shared our wedding story on social media, but we did not advertise our registry or ask strangers to donate. The tabloids sent our registry page out to the world, and then blamed us for their actions. They then accused me of lying about the financial reality of our trip to support the Italy Innocence Project," the statement continued.

"This 'scandal' is yet another example of irresponsible media profiting by manufacturing outrage. This is just the latest example of the deliberate misrepresentation and character assassination that I’ve suffered since I was thrust unwillingly into the spotlight in 2007. It is in flagrant violation of journalism ethics and comes at the opportunity cost of informing people about issues that actually matter—like wrongful convictions."

In June, Knox, 31, arrived in Italy for the first time since her and then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito's conviction for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kerche was annulled in 2015 -- ahead of a speech organized by the Italy Innocence Project. Knox declined to give interviews in the days leading up to her speech -- "in the hopes that what I say in Modena will speak for itself" -- though she and Robinson penned an essay about her decision to return.

"I’m about to return to Italy for the first time since I was released from prison and fled the country in a high-speed chase, paparazzi literally ramming the back of my stepdad’s rental car," she wrote on Gen by Medium. "I’m doing so because I’ve been invited by the Italy Innocence Project to speak about wrongful convictions and trial by media. And as this homecoming looms (or is it a 'deployment' or 'madness'  --  no word seems to fit), a different sort of surreal moment is at the forefront of my mind."

The essay went on to detail Knox's challenging relationship with the media both prior to and including the Netflix documentary about her case that premiered in September 2016. Knox also wrote about the pitfalls and powers of social media, on which she made her Instagram profile public back in 2017.

"I just wanted to have what every other person around me had, the freedom to shout into the wind and say, 'Here I am!'" she explained. "The freedom to strike up an unexpected conversation with a friendly digital stranger. I have that now, but for me, it comes with the cost of absorbing insults and hatred and having my life fed into the content machine that seems endlessly hungry, especially now that I’m going back to Italy."

"The mistakes of the Italian judicial system and the ravenous appetite of a media that does not distinguish between a person’s life and clickworthy content pushed me into the public sphere," she added. "I’ve since chosen to remain here, to let the world see my salade nicoise and cat photos. But this doesn’t mean I’m happy with the way my life is consumed or how the lives of others get reduced to content."

See more about Knox in the video below.


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