Amanda Seyfried Apologizes After Slamming Social Media Influencer for Her Post-Baby Body Pic

'No one needs to tear anyone apart.'

Amanda Seyfried is explaining her recent criticism of an Instagram influencer.

On Wednesday, the 33-year-old actress took to Instagram to clarify and apologize for the recent comments she made about Arielle Charnas' post-baby body pic.

The feud began earlier this week when Charnas, the influencer behind Something Navy, shared a snap of herself in a string bikini, writing, "Proud of my body after two kids ?"

While some lauded Charnas for her physique, others, including Seyfried, criticized her for "glorifying an unhealthy body image."

Following Seyfried's comments about Charnas' post, the Mamma Mia actress shared a Robert Frost quote --"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper of your self-confidence." -- along with a lengthy caption to explain her reason for speaking out.

"To all who feel bullied or thin-shamed during our recent social media discussion: If you know me or are familiar with any of my beliefs or stances you’ll recognize that it isn’t in my character to tear down anyone for 'being who they are,'" Seyfried wrote. "Each of us has the ability and the freedom to say and do as we choose. However, as I’m acutely aware, there’s a price tag for the group of people who find themselves with a platform to stand on. You have to be aware of the message you’re sending and be able to back it up when faced with criticism (not just praise). Hold yourselves accountable instead of using the terms above."

After her explanation, Seyfried continued her caption by admitting that she regrets calling out Charnas specifically.

"The only thing I’d take back is exactly how I started this debate. I desperately wish it hadn’t targeted (or blasted) one person (there are MANY who engage in this questionable messaging) and instead started a cleaner, general conversation," she wrote. "No one needs to tear anyone apart. And I regret that it’s present right now."

"To the lady in question: I’m sorry for the truly negative feels you’ve endured because of this," Seyfried added. "Aside from the messy detour? The bigger, important message seems to filtering through and helping a lot of women feel supported. And that’s the name of the game."

Seyfried initially commented by sharing one of her friend's comments on Charnas' bikini post.

"Totally fine that you’re privileged and thin, good for you (I am too-ish!)," Seyfried’s friend wrote to Charnas. "Got no problem with either of those things. BUT if you don’t acknowledge how your wealth made your workouts/body possible, you’re just perpetuating the patriarchal (totally unrealistic) notion that mothers should ‘bounce back’ after childbirth, an impossibility for anyone who can’t afford ample childcare (which is almost everyone in this country)."

"Honeychild, you are glorifying an unhealthy body image (I don’t care if it’s ‘natural,’ don’t even try that s**t with me) in a society that already fetishizes the adolescent female form," she continued. "Young girls don’t need any more images of emaciated women thank you very much … I know you’re better than this."

Alongside her repost, Seyfriend wrote, "If we’re ready to get paid for flaunting our lifestyle (and inspiring some in the meantime) we have to be open to the discussions surrounding what we’re promoting." 

"We have to back ourselves up- not run away from the issues it presents," Seyfried, who claimed Charnas had blocked both her and her friend, continued. "There are gray areas everywhere. Each of us has a chance to back ourselves- especially on this platform. If you know who you are- take a second to decide if what you’re throwing out there is worth it- in the big picture. ??"

In a second pic, Seyfried shared a selfie, writing, "INFLUENCE=POWER. And if you''re taking advantage of that- EMPOWER."

Charnas quickly fired back at the negative comments she received, turning to her Instagram Story to defend her swimsuit shot.

"Why am I being bullied for posting myself in a bathing suit? I should be punished because I’m thin and worked hard to be fit after giving birth to two kids?" Charnas wrote, according to screenshots obtained by multiple outlets. "I’m not responsible for making people feel good about themselves. I am healthy and proud of who I am and the body I have. If you are going to attack me for me being me on my own page then you will be blocked, I don’t have time for that."

"Instead of telling me what to focus on on my account maybe you should focus on doing it on your account since it matters so much to you. Especially since I'm a 'semi' influencer. And I definitely will not stop posting myself in my body," she continued. "Yeah I have a nanny, I'm a working mother with two kids and proud of it and that is my business and no one else's. It also has absolutely NOTHING to do with my body and for random women to tell me I should be crediting them for my figure and my 'excessive workouts' is actually disgusting."

"So sad that women who are so unhappy just feel the need to continuously put other women down when all they do is preach about female support," Charnas concluded. "It's BS and I'm sick of it. Blocking is very easy for me, happy to continue doing it."