Amanda Seyfried Reacts to Elizabeth Holmes Reporting for Prison: 'It's Depressing' (Exclusive)

Seyfried portrayed Holmes in 'The Dropout.'

Amanda Seyfried is speaking out amid Elizabeth Holmes' prison sentence. ET's Rachel Smith spoke to the 37-year-old actress in New York City on Thursday, and she reacted to news that Holmes, whom she portrayed in The Dropout, has begun her 11-year prison sentence.

"Those kids, it sucks for them. It sucks that there's two human beings that don't have a mom for a really long time," Seyfried said of the two children that the Theranos founder, who was convicted on fraud charges in January 2022, is mom to. "[It's] just weird. It sucks. It just sucks. It's just really depressing."

Now, though, Seyfried has turned her attention from her work in the Emmy-winning role to Apple TV+'s latest series, The Crowded Room. Not only does Seyfried star alongside Tom Holland in the project, but she also got to count her real-life husband, Thomas Sadoski, as a co-star. 

"We have a shortcut," Seyfried told ET at the show's premiere. "I also like that I can ask him if he thinks I'm doing a good job and he'll tell me the truth, which is really nice," she said. "I get really insecure sometimes. Like, 'Do you think that was good? Was that a good take? Was that good in that? Did you believe me?' And he'll be like, 'Stop.'"

The psychological thriller tells the '70s-set story of a young man who's arrested for a shocking crime and an unlikely investigator that must solve the mystery behind it before the true criminal strikes again.

"I think the best advice is to pay as much attention as you can. There are definitely Easter eggs hidden about in places you wouldn't expect," Seyfried advised viewers. "Also, never to trust that everyone is as they seem. I know I'm still going to be surprised when I watch it as a whole season. So it's exciting because this is good TV."

The Crowded Room premieres Friday, June 9 on Apple TV+.