Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s Son Has the Cutest Reaction to Meeting 'Cool Rock Star' Taylor Swift

Sebastian might be one of the "Gorgeous" singer's youngest super fans.

Taylor Swift got a nice ego boost from one of her youngest fans over the weekend.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa took their 5-year-old son, Sebastian, to see the Reputation star in action on Saturday -- a night the little super fan will likely never forget. Khalifa, who co-parents Sebastian with his ex-wife, later shared a video of the meet-and-greet with Swift on his Instagram Story. 

Sebastian, who was "so happy" to meet the "End Game" singer, came bearing a bouquet of roses and sunflowers.

"I don't want to be presumptuous, are these for me?" Swift, 28, can be heard asking in the clip after hugging Sebastian, who replied, "Yes."

"Thank you so much, you're the best," she said while embracing him in another hug and giving him a high-five. "These are so beautiful."

Rose then prodded her son to tell Swift what he came there to say. "Umm, Taylor Swift... I like when you're a cool rock star," he adorably said.

"You like when I'm a cool rock star? Thank you so much," she mused. "I'll try to be that more. I will try to do that a few times onstage. I will give it my best shot."

Swift admitted that her pre-show meeting with Sebastian gave her a nice boost of confidence. "I'm just gonna have you come out and talk to me before shows now," she told Sebastian. "It's good for my self-esteem."

Quipped Rose, "He says you're the coolest rock star ever. He loves you so much."

The clip also features an excited Sebastian at the concert, singing the words to "Look What You Made Me Do" alongside his rapper dad.

Rose later shared a sweet snapshot of Swift and her tiny fan, writing, "Thank you @taylorswift, you have made my baby the happiest lil Pumpkin ever!"

The 34-year-old model also posed in a heart-adorned selfie with the singer, which she shared on Instagram.

The famous family's big night out comes after Swift sent Sebastian a personalized VIP box complete with concert tickets and a handwritten note, which Rose shared on Instagram. 

The protective mother later took to social media to slam haters and online trolls who mocked her son for being a Swift fan. 

"Shout out to all of the hyper-masculine men and ignorant dumb ass women that will call a five-year-old gay for liking Taylor Swift," the mom stated in a series of posts back in March. "This is why young kids kill themselves. And this is also why our society is so f**ked up. Liking a certain type of music will not make you 'pick' your sexuality you dumb f**k."

The model also made sure to clarify that she and Khalifa will always love their son, no matter his sexual identity in the future.

"Regardless if he's gay or straight when he gets older he will be around the most amazing loving people that will support him no matter what," she wrote.

For more on Swift's recent A-list interactions, watch the video below: