Amber Rose Says She Wants to Be Single 'for the Rest of My Life': 'I Don't Want to Have Sex'

The 39-year-old model opens up about dating Kanye West and 21 Savage -- and being married to Wiz Khalifa.

Amber Rose is opening up about the famous men she's been in relationships with -- and why she's no longer seeking romance in her life. 

Stating that guys are "f**king gross," the 39-year-old model shares on iHeart's Sofia With an F podcast, "I want to be single for the rest of my life."

"I don't want to share my house or my life with anyone," the mother of two admits. "I don't want anyone around my kids. I don't want to have sex. ...No, ew. I'm fine with being by myself too. ...I'm very happy to not share my bed with anyone."

Rose is mom to son Slash with ex Alexander "A.E." Edwards and son Sebastian with ex Wiz Khalifa. Both men have been accused of cheating on Rose in the past, and she talks about the heartbreak she went through upon ending her marriage to Khalifa in 2014.

"My ex-husband cheated on me. We were married. We were young. I forgive him. We're the best of friends now," she says of the 35-year-old rapper. "...I mean, I cried every day for three years while I was dating other people. ...I married my soulmate and then all of a sudden he wasn't there anymore. Because our mothers, the internet, there was too much pressure to be married so young and we just had a baby. I was f**king heartbroken."

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose in February 2017. - Steve Granitz/WireImage

In 2017, Rose started dating 21 Savage but says "she was still heartbroken" from her divorce. "I did enjoy time with him, but when you get married, like, we had a huge wedding, I just thought it was gonna be forever," she shares.

Amber Rose and 21 Savage in October 2017. - Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Rose says she's now "best friends" with Khalifa. "You still feel it in your heart and your soul that that was your soulmate, but you get older and understand that we're much better as co-parents and friends," she tells podcast host Sofia Franklyn.

As for dating West from 2008 to 2010, Rose confides, "I think people like to ask about my relationship with Kanye, but it was 13 years ago, guys. ...I obviously have to bring him up because he's a huge part of my story, and how I got here, but yeah, no. I mean, I feel like people are obsessed with that because it was like a great time in pop culture. But in my personal life, it is not relevant besides just telling my story of how I got here."

Kanye West and Amber Rose in May 2009. - Larry Busacca/Getty Images North America

When it comes to dating now, Rose says "guys don't talk to me anymore." 

"If I ever get into a relationship again, which I highly doubt, you're not about to play with my life and my mental health. I don't got time," she declares. "...I think that, like, people should really try to be friends first, really just get to know people nowadays. Because you could be with somebody for, like, a year let's say, and then just find out who they are. [I've] been there, [and] it's scary as f**k."

Amber Rose and Alexander "AE" Edwards in October 2018. - gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

While Rose is taking herself out of the dating game, Edwards -- who dated the model from 2018 to 2021 -- is now in a relationship with Cher. For more on their romance, check out the video below.