Amber Rose's Boyfriend Alexander 'AE' Edwards Admits to Cheating on Her With 12 Women

Alexander 'AE' Edwards said he gave in to his 'desires.'

Amber Rose's boyfriend has admitted to cheating on her with 12 women. After the 37-year-old model accused Alexander "AE" Edwards of infidelity, the music exec confirmed as much while speaking to BIG VON. ET has reached out to both Rose and Edwards for comment.

Rose and Edwards were first romantically linked in October 2018, though they've known each other for years. The model shares a 1-year-old son, Slash, with Edwards, and an 8-year-old son, Sebastian, with her ex, Wiz Khalifa.

"I woke up to this s**t, man... I thought, 'S**t, I got caught.' I got caught before, you know what I'm saying? And she's just had enough, obviously," Edwards said. "... I love her, though. That's, like, my best friend, the mother of my son. I love [Sebastian], my stepson and s**t, too."

Prior to Edwards' admission, Rose wrote on her Instagram Story that she's "tired of getting cheated on and being embarrassed behind the scenes."

"All 12 of y'all bums (the ones that I know of there's probably more) can have him," she wrote. "Y'all very much knew he was in a relationship with a baby and y'all decided to f**k him anyway I saw all the texts and DMs. Y'all were well aware but y'all don't owe me any loyalty so it's whatever."

"I can't be the only one fighting for my family anymore. I've been so loyal and transparent but I haven't gotten the same energy in return," she continued. "I'll never say the girls [sic] names because I'm not in the business of ruining lives but y'all know who y'all are. As for him... The lack of loyalty and the disrespect is ridiculous and I'm done."

Instagram / Amber Rose

In another post to her Story, Rose wrote that she's "tired of being mentally and emotionally abused by people that I love."

"I've been suffering in silence for a long time and I can't take it anymore," she wrote. "That's why I've been so quiet. I've been a shell of who I used to be but I refuse to let anyone damage me anymore. Family or not."

Instagram / Amber Rose

While speaking to BIG VON, Edwards said of his infidelity, "That's me. I like women."

"I don't think anybody can be happy or successful if you're not truly yourself... whether people understand it or blame you or wrong you for it, or criticize you, or critique you for it," he said. "We are who we are, and that's just who I am."

"It's not how she wants to be loved. She tries to put up with it and look the other way, and she couldn't and I'm not mad at her, you feel me?" he continued. "She had enough, but at the end of the day, I'm me... B**ches like me, and I fall victim to this s**t. I get seduced."

As for the future of their relationship, Edwards claimed that Rose texted him saying she'd take him back if he "apologized publicly and all this s**t." 

"She loves me and s**t. But I ain't going to keep doing that to her, you know what I'm saying?" he said. "I could stop. I could give her a good, solid six months and just really deprive myself of my true nature for as long as I could take it, but I don't want to live like that."

"I don't want to force it. I don't want to keep putting her in positions... [where] she's looking over her shoulder every time my phone goes off, thinking it's number 13, 14," Edwards added. "... I was being selfish. I did what I wanted to do. I moved how I wanted to move."

In the end, Edwards said, "I love my woman, but I also love myself. That was the conflict, my desires. I would give in to my desires, and I desired other things at times."

In an exclusive statement to ET, Edwards said, "I am truly sorry for the hurt and humiliation I have caused Amber. I am sorry that my decisions have broke our family. Amber is an amazing woman, an amazing mother. She deserves to be loved how she wants to be loved. I was a bad boyfriend. But I’m a good man and a great father."

"I take pride in loving my boys. My son Slash, and his brother Bash who I love like my own, we will all ways put them first. The reality is, I couldn’t love her how she wanted to be loved and love myself at the same time. Out of love for her, I want her to be free to find her true happiness. And out of love for myself, I want to be free to live life at my own free will," he continued. "

"I do not want to continue to hurt her by trying to be someone I’m not. It takes more courage to search the dark corners of your soul than it does for a soldier to fight on a battlefield, so as I embrace my true nature, and accept the harsh realities, I find solace in knowing she will be free to find her true happiness with someone who measures love to the same extent that she does, as I measure/define love differently," Edwards concluded. "And I will find my true happiness in my freedom to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, without the guilt of being depended on emotionally. I know we will both have days when it’s hard and I know it will get harder before it gets easier. However, our decision to end our relationship is equally liberating."