Amber Rose Claps Back at Critics Saying She's 'Too Pretty' for a Face Tattoo

Wendy Williams criticized the model's new ink on her talk show.

Amber Rose has no regrets when it comes to her new tattoos. 

Over the weekend, the 36-year-old model shared with her Instagram followers that she got the names Bash and Slash tattooed on her forehead in honor of her sons, 6-year-old Sebastian and 4-month-old Slash.

Not everyone was a fan of the face ink, including Wendy Williams, who brought it up on her talk show. "Amber, you know I love you, girl, but, why would you ruin your forehead?" the Wendy Williams Show host told the audience as they gasped. "I just don’t understand why she would do that. Like, to me, she’s a little bit too old to be rock and rolling with tattoos on her face. Amber, you know I love you, and that’s it."

Other critics commented that Rose was "too pretty" to get a face tattoo. In response to the negative responses, the mother of two posted a photo of herself in red lingerie with her new ink on full display. 

"Beauty is not what’s on the outside.... it’s what’s on the inside that counts," she captioned the photo. "Inside of my P**sy and inside of my heart ???."

A few hours later, Rose posted another message for her haters. "The people that are telling me I'm too pretty for a face tat are the same people that would tell me that I'm 'too pretty' even if they thought I was ugly and lie to me, LOL," she wrote. "Or they would just tell me I'm ugly. So either way, the moral of the story is to do whatever the f**k you want in life." 

Face tattoos have become somewhat of a trend in Hollywood. In addition to Rose, Presley Gerber, the son of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, recently got some ink on his cheek and has also found himself having to defend the permanent decision.

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