From Presley Gerber to Justin Bieber -- A Look at All the Celebs With New Face Tattoos

The latest trend in celebrity ink is getting lots of attention.

You've got something on our face! These days, celebrities are wearing their hearts on their heads with celebrity face tattoos being inked into existence almost every day. 

Though celebrity face tattoos aren't anything new -- hello, Mike Tyson -- recently, they've had a rebirth in popularity. 

Here is some standout ink from the past few months:

Aaron Carter

The former child star decided to cover an entire side of his face with art last September. The musician-turned-reality star got a large depiction of Medusa inked across the entire left side of his face. He opened up to ET about the decision shortly after, saying, "Medusa is my protector. If you want to come at me with some negativity, my Medusa will stare you in the eye and turn you into stone." He added that the tattoo is in honor of his mother, whom he views as his own Medusa or protector. 

Post Malone

The "Sunflower" rapper is no stranger to face tattoos. He already had the words "Stay Away" and "Always Tired" in script on his face, as well as an ace of spades card and barbed wire before adding to the collection with a bloody saw on his cheek. The piece was added last week while backstage after his concert in Kansas City, Missouri.

Presley Gerber

The son of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber let his ink do the talking after he got "Misunderstood" tattooed across his cheek in tiny block letters. It seems the 20-year-old model did not take kindly to criticism of the body art, later posting a video of himself at a shooting range, writing, "Innocent little me before all the horrid tattoos y'all know nothing #waketfup." 

Justin Bieber 

The Biebs definitely has his fair share of body art. But unlike some of his other tattoos, he kept his face tattoo small and delicate in January 2019. Working with famed artist Bang Bang, Bieber got the word "grace" written in small script above his eyebrow. 

Amanda Bynes

The former child star wore her love on her face, getting a seemingly hand-drawn heart on her left cheek. She debuted the look last December on her Instagram account. 

Chris Brown

The controversial singer didn't attempt to hide his new face tattoo in February, getting a large Nike's Air Jordan 3 sneaker inked on his right cheek by tattoo artist GANGA, whose real name is Joaquin Lopez. 

The Game

After the death of Kobe Bryant, the rapper decided to pay tribute to the former NBA player by getting a tribute tattoo above his eyebrow. 

Amber Rose

The proud mom decided to honor her sons in a big way by getting their names, "Bash" (for her son, Sebastian) and "Slash," tattooed in script across her forehead.

She also had a message for the haters, writing on Instagram, "For the people that are telling me I'm too pretty for a face tat are the same people that would tell me that I'm 'too pretty' even if they thought I was ugly and lie to me lol or they would just tell me I'm ugly. So either way the moral of the story is do whatever the f**k you want in life."

For a closer look at Rose's tattoo, check out the video below:


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