'American Horror Story: Cult' Trailer Plays on Your Fear of Clowns, Stalkers and Trump Supporters

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For all those who felt a creeping horror overcome them when it was announced that Donald Trump had been elected president, the first trailer for American Horror Story: Cult is going to hit some buttons.

While the plot of the season is still pretty unclear, this brief glimpse at the upcoming terror seems pretty focused on Sarah Paulson's character and her fear of clowns which somehow becomes amplified after Trump gets elected.

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However, for Evan Peters' character (who's rocking some long, greasy blue locks) the election was apparently the best thing that could have happened -- because now he gets to harass and terrify Paulson (possibly because she's a lesbian who shares a son with Allison Pill).

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So how does an evil, millennial Trump lover choose to drive a mentally unstable upper-middle class woman with coulrophobia totally insane? By hiring a bunch of people to harass her dressed like clowns, obviously.

The season seems to be steeped in references to old-school horror films -- namely Gaslight, what with Peters trying to get Paulson to think she's crazy, and Hitchcock, from a pretty blatant Vertigo reference.

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Fans may also recognize the references to Twisty the Murder Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show, in the form of a comic book and creepy action figure modeled after the frightening killer.

It's unclear how much of the thrust of the story will revolve around Paulson and Peters' bizarre game of clown and mouse, or if their drama will simply be one facet of a more encompassing horror through the season. 

American Horror Story: Cult premieres Sept. 5 on FX. Check out the video below to hear more about the frightening (and timely) upcoming season.