'American Idol': Katy Perry Dresses Up As a Giant Toilet Paper Roll as Top 11 Contestants Revealed

Katy Perry

The singer and judge showed off yet another elaborate costume during Sunday's remote episode of 'Idol.'

Katy Perry is doing what she can to liven up quarantine for American Idol viewers.

After appearing on Idol's historic, first-ever remote episode last week dressed up like a giant bottle of hand sanitizer, Perry got creative again this week when she rocked a costume designed after another hard-to-get quarantine staple: toilet paper.

After a touching intro featuring footage of the remaining contestants spending time with their families while self-isolating, host Ryan Seacrest welcomed fans and introduced the judges, including Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Perry, decked out as a roll of bathroom tissue.

"I just wanted to make sure everyone had enough toilet paper at their houses," Perry said, as Richie laughed in bewilderment.

"What ply are you?" Bryan asked. "Is it like triple ply? Or is like the stuff you get when you go in a camper."

However, unlike when she wore the hand sanitizer costume for the entire two-hour episode, Perry decided to ditch the duds almost immediately this time around.

"I'm actually not going to wear this the whole time, I can't be bothered," Perry said. "I'll send you this, Luke, because I know you can use it."

"Yeah, I need it," Luke admitted with a laugh.

Once Perry changed into something more comfortable, the judges got right down to business, revealing who America voted into the Top 10, and watching their performances as they sing for a chance to move on to the Top 7.

Based on viewer votes, this season's Top 10 consists of Louis Knight, Julia Gargano, Jovin Webb, Grace Leer, Jonny West, Sophia James, Arthur Gunn, Just Sam, Dillon James and Francisco Martin.

However, the judges got an opportunity to save one additional hopeful from elimination - and they chose Makayla Phillips to move, rounding out what turned out to be the season's Top 11.

Meanwhile, Perry's elaborate costume might not have gotten a lot of air time this week, but Perry did share a video of herself in the outrageous ensemble to Instagram a few hours before the episode kicked off. 

"@AmericanIdol is on a roll so you’re going to want to put your ? down, pull out your ??, and tune into #AmericanIdol tonight at 8/7c on @abcnetwork," Perry captioned the clip. "What better way to wipe your cares away for 2 hours."

She actually addressed the costume during her Facebook Live chat, which she hosted just before Sunday's episode kicked off.

"I won't be dressed in my costume the whole time, because I'd like more access to my physical reactions for the judging of the talent and the constructive criticism, but I always think it's fun to start the show like that."

"And next week! Guess what next week is? Next week's theme is Disney/Mothers Day! So you know that nugget is gonna be on Idol next week," Perry teased, holding up her little puppy for the camera. "I'm going to incorporate her, because she's my daughter for now. Until my other little daughter comes!" 

Following Sunday night's episode, ET's Rachel Smith caught up with the judges and Perry revealed what her costume will be for next week's Idol

"I'm just trying to dress like all of the popular things," she shared. "Next week, it's going to be banana bread!"

When asked if her fiancé Orlando Bloom has any say in her wild and crazy costumes, she said the ideas all come from her during her late nights awake. 

"It's not that he doesn't have a say," she explained. "It's just that I'm the one that's up at night, unable to sleep and going, 'What stupid thing can I be next?' Like how do we bring some joy into this situation when we're all feeling really anxious and sad."

American Idol airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Check out the video below to hear more.