'America's Got Talent': A Contortionist, 2 Singers & More -- See Which Acts Made it Through Final Judge Cuts

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America's Got Talent returns Tuesday night, and ET is following along throughout the two-hour episode to break down all the best, biggest and most surprising moments from the fourth night of this season's Judge Cuts rounds.

The show's panel of charismatic judges -- including Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and newcomers Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough -- will be joined by a special guest judge, comedian and TV host Jay Leno, as some more of the AGT hopefuls who made it through the auditions take the stage again to give it another go with all-new performances.

Out of 18 acts, only seven will be moving on tonight, and it'll be up to the former Tonight Show host to decide who gets honored with the coveted Golden Buzzer, saving them from any chance of getting the ax this week.

The fun kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, and you can follow along with ET for a look at all the acts who laid it all on the line for their big shot this week.

Here's Who's Going Forward...

6:59 PM:

After 18 acts performed, wowed, bombed and brought the judges to tears, here are the six acts who will be joining 10-year-old opera singer Emanne Beasha in the next round. And there was one big surprise at the end of the night.

- Military singing quartet Voices of Service.

- Close-up magician Eric Chien.

- Contortionist dancer Marina Mazepa.

- 13-year-old songstress Charlotte Summers.

- Stand-up comedian Jackie Fabulous.

- Singer-songwriter Benicio Bryant

There was also one really surprising, disappointing elimination as well: the incredible soul singer Callie Day. I thought she was a lock for sure, but the night featured some really amazing acts and, unlike last week, no one went through that didn't deserve it.

Jackie Fabulous Gets Some 'Support' From Her Mom

6:48 PM:

Jackie's mom tells her friends her daughter is lawyer, something the stand-up comic hasn't been in a long time. She doesn't get a whole lot of support in terms of her career, but she's changing that all tonight.

Jackie has been a touring comic for years, and this is the first time her Jamaican mom is in the audience, and luckily she absolutely kills it.

It seems like she wants to make sure she impresses Jay, and she pulls that off almost immediately. She's truly funny -- and incredibly practiced and professional -- and it's clear from her total confidence.

Jay is actually the first judge to stand up to cheer for her, and for the first time tonight he has a lot of praise for a comedian. He's been pretty even-keel, but it's clear he likes her work. Simon, as before, is a massive fan. Hopefully that will help her find a spot in the night's top seven.


Voices Of Service Raise the Bar

6:34 PM:

Voices of Service, a singing quartet made up of four retired and active service members of the military, were inspiring when they performed during the audition rounds, and tonight they are bringing the same level of emotion, talent and heart.

Their soulful, emotional rendition of "See You Again" is dedicated to service members who have died - in the line of duty and by suicide after returning home - and the performance is every bit as emotional as you'd imagine.

Their brilliant vocal skills and deeply touching stage presence is truly inspiring, and brings a few of the judges close to tears as they listen to the astounding performance.

It's hard to hear a ton of the judges' feedback over the sound of my own choked-back crying, but there isn't anything but praise on the part of the panel, who would be outright wrong if they don't put Voices Of Service through to the finals.

Eric Chien Makes the Night Magical

6:25 AM:

Eric Chien is already one of the most celebrated close-up magicians on the internet, so for his Judge Cuts performance, expectations are high.

Eric clears the bar admirably, however, performing tricks with coins and a pen that seem more like actual magic than sleight of hand.

All the judges are overwhelmed by the impressive power of his performance and Eric's disarming charm, and Simon even admits that he believes in actual magic because of people like Eric.

Since the show burned through a bunch of magicians' performances earlier in the night, there's a good chance Chien might be moving on. You can't have a good AGT finals without at least some magic.

10-Year-Old Opera Singer Blows the Roof Off

6:15 PM:

Emanne Beasha is only 10 years old -- she brings her stuffed unicorn for good luck and smiles with childlike glee -- but you'd never know her age from her voice. It is, without exaggeration, unbelievable.

She sings Italian opera with the vocal skill of a professional who's been performing for a decade. Instead of showing off her high notes with some modern tune, Emanne turns to the timelessness of classic opera, and it just doesn't seem possible that the voice we hear is coming out of her mouth.

Obviously, she earns a standing ovation from all of the judges and the audience, because she deserves it, and there's nothing but effusive praise from the judges.

"To have a voice like this, it's not something you can train to get. It genuinely is a gift," Simon marvels.

"I feel like I am witness to something extremely special," Jay shares. "At some point in my career, people will say, 'What do you remember the most?' And I'll say, 'I remember hitting the Golden Buzzer.'"

True to his word, Jay slams the coveted buzzer, showering Emanne in shimmering confetti and bringing her to tears.

I truly think this might be one of the most deserving Golden Buzzer choices of the season and it also means the 10-year-old opera singer will be showing off her range and talent again in the live shows!

Kara With a 'K' Is Ready for Stardom

6:06 PM:

When Kara auditioned, her hilarious act -- which was as much a stand-up routine as it was performance art -- impressed and baffled the judges.

Tonight, Kara is just pure energy, raw kinetic craziness and confounding enthusiasm that doesn't seem to be going over quite as well with the audience or the judges -- even when she rips off her wig and pulls food out of her bra.

When Jay tells her she just didn't have enough jokes in her routine, Kara vocally disagrees in a moment that Simon describes as "so awkward," and he's not wrong.

There seems to be little chance that she'll be going on.

However, what is REALLY surprising, is that this act didn't get the Golden Buzzer. AGT rarely breaks format, and during the Judge Cuts round, the guest judge usually gives the Golden Buzzer right at the one-hour mark. So, this is a truly unexpected deviation from the norm. I love it!

Callie Day Hits the High Notes

5:54 PM:

Before singing, Callie jokingly tells the judges that she plans on "hurting some folks" in the audience with her high notes, and she doesn't disappoint.

This beautiful gospel singer brings a powerful, beautiful nuance to her performance, and actually gets Julianne choked up, while Jay is overwhelmed with love for her vocal stylings.

While there are only seven acts moving on, it'd be a shock (and a disappointment) if Callie doesn't manage to keep going in pursuit of her AGT dream.

13-Year-Old Charlotte Summers Brings Her Big Voice

5:51 PM:

It's not easy to match up to the powerhouse vocals of Lesley Gore's bombastic "You Don't Own Me," but this 13-year-old brings real gravitas to the feminist anthem.

"We've asked all these other acts why they're so nervous, and I get it now. It's because they've heard you," Simon says, gushing over her talent.

Charlotte says she's been nervous all day, but it's impossible to tell. If this is her nervous, I can't wait to see what she pulls off if she makes it to the live shows, where her nerves could only be higher.

Marina Mazepa Marries Horror and Dance

5:42 PM:

Before the brilliant ballet dancer/contortionist even starts her act, Simon whispers, "She is crazy..." and he's not wrong.

Marina uses her incomparable talent to meld dance, contortion, art and nightmares into a beautiful, creative performance that wows, stuns and baffles the judges in equal measure.

Julianne showers the dancer with praise -- which means a lot coming from her -- and Simon echoes the thoughts of a lot of the audience when he says the best thing about her is her unpredictability and undeniable skill.

It would be a real shame if she doesn't go on to the next round, because she's easily the most creative performer of the season.

Benicio Bryant Takes a Big Risk With an Original Song

5:32 PM:

The Judge Cuts Round are a make it or break it part of the competition, and performing an original tune can be a big risk, because as a singer you don't have any innate good will associated with an established classic.

So, Benicio Bryant's decision to go with an original is a bold move. The aptly titled "Here Goes Nothing," however, is a truly impressive tune, and provides an incredible showcase for the young hopeful's vocal range.

The 14-year-old performer's tune gets a standing ovation from all the judges and Jay compliments him for having an "old soul." The reaction to the song is overwhelming, and it seems like Benicio has a good chance of making it to the live shows.

Jordan Ravi Has 'High Hopes'

5:28 PM:

Jordan Ravi is an Australian street busker who wowed the judges during his audition. This time around, his performance of Panic! at the Disco's "high hopes" wows Simon and impresses Jay.

Sadly, he's almost definitely not going through because they only show a few moments of his performance and then two reactions. It feels like they are just using Ravi to intro a younger singer named Benicio, who undoubtedly has a better chance since they're giving him actual air time.

Ben Trigger Gives Himself the Golden Buzzer Yet Again

5:20 PM:

After winning the judges over through his comedy dancing during his auditions -- where he gave himself the Golden Buzzer "by accident" -- Ben Trigger returned to AGT to show a more serious side of himself...

...For all of about 20 seconds.

After convincing the judges that he wanted to prove himself as a real dancer, Ben rips off his white ensemble, switches from "Bulletproof" to "Proud Mary" and reveals his yellow unitard as two backup dancers join him on stage and he just goes wild.

He even repeated his Golden Buzzer mishap, slamming the buzzer with his headdress and showering himself in shimmering confetti. (For the record, that doesn't count.) Simon seems underwhelmed and everyone else just seems like they're trying to be nice.

Canadian Dance Crew

5:14 PM:

DM Nation has high hopes -- to become the first all-female dance crew to win AGT. So they definitely are kicking things up a notch.

However, given the truncated performance, it seems like this likely isn't going to happen. Jay says he's "blown away" by the crew, but even setting the number to "Run Boy Run" by Woodkid might not be enough.

Kicking Things Off With a Dog Act

5:09 PM:

Appealing to Simon's well-established love of dogs is always a good bet, and the Dominguez Poodles are playing this card as hard as possible.

I'm not going to lie, trained dog acts have never spoken to me, but these guys are a lot of fun. By incorporating the whole family, they've got the appeal of adorable kids playing with the pet pooches, and that's always just heartwarming.

Looking at Simon and Jay is revealing. As the dogs run, leap and jump rope on stage, Simon is downright beaming, while Jay looks mildly bemused at best.

Howie describes it best when he says the performance is "chaotic" -- especially as the dogs all run off stage into the audience after the show -- and Julianne describes it as a "beautiful hurricane." 

All the judges are super pleased to have watched it, but it's hard to imagine that the Rodriguez family will be moving on to the live rounds -- but we'll see!

Here We Go!

5:03 PM:

Tonight is the last night of the Judge Cuts Round, which means the seven acts who go through tonight are the last batch that will be making it through to the live rounds.

It'll be interesting to see who guest judge Jay Leno gives his Golden Buzzer too. What kind of act speaks to Jay's soul? I guess we'll see.

Last week, fans were treated to the third night of the Judge Cuts round, with special guest judge, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Ellie Kemper, who awarded the Golden Buzzer to mind-blowing LED dance crew Light Balance Kids, made up of teenagers hailing from Ukraine.

For more on the exciting AGT Judge Cuts Round, including last week's inspiring Golden Buzzer winners, check out the video below.


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