Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' Romance Has Been 'Going On in Secret for Quite Some Time,' Source Says

The romance between the anchors came to light after PDA-filled photos surfaced.

The romance between Good Morning America co-anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach may be breaking news now, but, according to a source, it has been "going on in secret for quite some time."

A source tells ET that Holmes and Robach's relationship has been "going on in secret for quite some time, but how long is truly unknown." The source added that the anchors "did their best to keep things professional and private." And whenever they worked on set, "everything was fun, sometimes flirty, but always professional."

Another source told ET that they had been "very close friends for years," but have "recently grown even closer due" to co-hosting the third hour of GMA. Holmes and Robach had recently traveled for special remote assignments, like going to London for the queen's funeral.

"The two have a special bond that has been evident to staff for years," the source added, "so it’s not surprising a relationship has formed, but it is shocking that it has come to light in this way."

ET has reached out to Good Morning America for comment.

Holmes, 45, and Robach, 49, hosts of GMA's lunchtime hour and at the helm since 2020, have been married to their spouses since 2010 -- Holmes to attorney Marilee Fiebig and Robach to actor Andrew Shue -- but sources tell ET that both had split from their spouses before news of their relationship became public. Robach stopped wearing her wedding ring in photos she posted to her Instagram in October. Robach has since deleted her IG account.

"Amy and T.J. had always had a warm, supportive friendship and they bonded over their love of running," one of the sources tells ET. "There have been whispers at ABC about a possible relationship between them for the last several months."

In photos obtained by the Daily Mail, Holmes, who on Wednesday anchored GMA 3 alone, and Robach were snapped mingling on multiple occasions. In one set of photos published by the Daily Mail, which were reportedly taken on Nov. 10, the two were spotted inside a New York City bar sitting next to each other while having drinks. According to one photo, Robach playfully put her head on the bar as Holmes leaned over her. Outside of the Times Square location, the pair followed each other and got into the same black SUV.  

The outlet also obtained photos reportedly taken on Nov. 13 of Robach and Holmes loading up a car, allegedly following a weekend away in Upstate New York. In a photo, Holmes, who was wearing a black sweatsuit, was seen with his hand on Robach's behind as she loaded bags into the trunk of a car.  

Another image purportedly showed the pair holding hands inside of a car, though their heads could not be seen.



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