Amy Schumer Cancels Comedy Show After COVID-19 Diagnosis

The comedian attended the Met Gala on Monday.

Amy Schumer had to cancel Saturday’s comedy set at the Netflix is a Joke festival -- after testing positive for COVID-19. The 40-year-old comedian shared the news with her Instagram followers, a few hours before she was set to take the stage.  

In a video posted on her Instagram Stories, the comedian made the reveal. “I am sad to say I have to cancel my show in LA tonight,” she told the camera. “I am the first woman to ever get COVID. I tested positive for COVID-19 about an hour ago, so yeah, please, I don’t know what to say, but at least my hair looks good.”  

After making the announcement, Schumer posted a video on her Instagram grid, making light of the situation.  

“What should I watch,” she captioned the video. “I was the star of the drop out. I can’t take the paxlovid because im on lexipro right? #covidpioneer,” she added.  

“I guess I’m going to post a little bit because I’m lonely, but really what I want to say was that Covid has given me this incredible Elizabeth Holmes voice,” Schumer told the camera.  “This is what I sound like now that I have COVID. Theranos. Theranos,” the comedian said, mimicking the disgraced entrepreneur's voice. 

Schumer added that she is glad that she was away from home, so that her husband, Chris Fischer and their 3-year-old son, Gene, aren’t exposed to the virus because of her.  

Before ending the clip, the Life & Beth star gave her followers one final listen to her voice.  

“Anyway, I'm just lonely,” she added. “And bored. I’m away from my family, which is great, because they won’t get it, I hope. Even though are we all going to get it?” 

She continued, “Anyway mostly this is just because I wanted to share my Elizabeth Holmes voice what should I watch?” 

Schumer’s COVID diagnosis comes just after she took the stage on Friday in L.A. for a stop on her comedy tour. The comedian also attended the 2022 Met Gala on Monday.