Amy Schumer Poses Nearly Naked, Addresses Netflix Equal Pay Controversy: 'I Will Continue to Work My A** Off'

The 'Snatched' star believes in pay equality, but does not put herself in the same category as Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

Amy Schumer is proud of what she’s accomplished as a female comic.

The Snatched star shared a nearly naked pic of herself to Instagram on Wednesday, along with a nuanced response to the reports that she asked to be paid what Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle were paid for her Netflix comedy special.

“Thanks for chiming in on what you feel I deserve to be paid. I believe women deserve equal pay,” the 36-year-old writer and actress shared. “However I don't believe I deserve equal pay to Chris and Dave. They are legends and 2 of the greatest comics of all time.”

“I didn't ask for the same as my friends,” she added, noting however, “I did ask for more than the initial offer. I will continue to work my a** off and be the best performer I can be. The reports of me ‘demanding’ or ‘insisting’ on equal pay to them aren't true.”

While she doesn’t put herself on the same level as Rock and Chappelle, Schumer did point out one big accomplishment she’s had with her stand-up career.

“I would like to say that I have been selling out arenas these last couple years. Something a female comic has never done,” she said. “That's a big deal to me, especially because I know I do my best every night on stage for the audience and they have a good time.”

Meanwhile, Schumer recently delighted the internet with her side-eye when she was spotted on Judge Judy.

Watch the video below!