'And Just Like That' Recap: Carrie Bradshaw Goes on Disastrous First Date Since Big's Death

The leading lady is getting back out there.

Spoilers ahead! If you have not finished this week's episode of And Just Like That, bookmark this for later or proceed with caution.

And just like that, Carrie Bradshaw is back on the dating scene. Everyone's favorite relationship columnist has penned a new book in Thursday's episode of And Just Like That, detailing her devastating heartbreak with the death of her husband, Mr. Big (Chris Noth). 

As a callback to the original series, we see Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) typing away at her computer from outside her New York City apartment window in a montage through the seasons until finally she's done. She meets with her editor, who gushes about the book but worries that it's too serious for Carrie's original readers. (Interestingly, this parallels real-life criticism of the show's reboot compared to its more lighthearted predecessor, Sex and the City.) The editor urges Carrie to go on a single date, just to give her readers "a glimmer of hope." 

To add even more pressure, the editor tells Carrie that Oprah Winfrey has expressed interest in featuring the book in her famous book club. As her pal, Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon), later says, "When Oprah mandates a man date, what are you going to do?"

Carrie's new friend and realtor, Seema Patel (Sarita Choudhury) -- who is delightfully shown having lunch with the girls for the first time this episode -- informs Carrie that she already created her an online dating profile. 

"Nobody buys real estate in the winter, so I decided to list you," she teases Carrie. 

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Carrie insists that she's not ready to have sex again, and when Miranda presses her, she explains, "Honestly, the thought of never having it again feels really strange, but the thought of having sex with anyone other than Big just makes me sick to my stomach." 

Carrie decides to try out a date with Peter (Jon Tenney), a 53-year-old teacher and widower, getting all dressed up in her signature glamour to meet him for dinner. Things start off awkward enough as they sit down at the table and each admits that this is their first date since their respective spouses died. 

"I think we're going to need some drinks," Carrie declares. The scene then cuts to the pair bursting out of the restaurant together, hysterically laughing. But the laughter soon turns to horror when they begin projectile vomiting at the same time in the street. 

"Apologies to my readers, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, just vomit," Carrie tells her pals at a school fundraiser for Charlotte York's (Kristin Davis) kids. 

Things get interesting and embarrassing when Carrie realizes that her disastrous date is actually a teacher from the school, and he's at the same fundraiser. 

In another embarrassing moment, a date with Carrie is put up for auction at the event and when only Charlotte bids, her disaster date steps in and saves the day, bidding on her. They decide to actually go on the date, and we see our favorite leading lady get her glimmer of hope. 

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Meanwhile, Miranda is feeling pretty hopeless as it's been three months since she direct messaged Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez) asking them to hang out again after their passionate hookup. 

"Guess I'll have to file that away as a crazy one-off and resign myself to having a dead sex life," Miranda tells Carrie after Che never responds. "I can't believe that I had the most transcendent sex of my life and it'll never happen again."

She attempts to revive things with her husband, Steve Brady (David Eigenberg), trying to get him to recreate her kitchen hookup with Che. But Miranda's clearly not feeling it and ends things very quickly. 

When she runs into Che at the fundraiser, Che insists that they didn't see the DM and the pair end up in bed together at the end of the night. 

"I think I'm in love with you," Miranda tells Che. 

"You're in love with you with me," Che tells Miranda. "And the weed doesn't hurt." 

There's no telling what this means for the future of Miranda and Steve's marriage or whether Che is interested in any kind of exclusive romance with the lawyer. 

As for Charlotte, she is done apologizing when it comes to playing couples tennis with her husband, Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler). When she accidentally knocks Harry down, he's offended that she won't apologize. They end up in a shouting match in the street. He later points out that she apologizes all the time. 

"Exactly, women apologize to the whole world all day long for everything. Tennis is the one place that I don't have to do that," Charlotte tells Harry. "So as Demi Lovato would say, 'Sorry not sorry.'"

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