Anderson Cooper Bought $2,900 Worth of Electric Clothing for New Year’s Eve Special

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper

He co-hosted the evening with pal Andy Cohen.

Anderson Cooper didn’t want to freeze before midnight! The longtime journalist co-hosted CNN’s New Year’s Eve special with his pal Andy Cohen outside in the freezing New York City weather earlier this week.

Cooper joked about the Bravo host’s preparation for the chilly evening during his Tuesday night appearance on The Late Show.

“It’s funny, because in the run up, Andy kept having these appointments to get warm jackets tailored. I was like, ‘You don’t need a tailored coat, you need massive layers of parkas.’ So I knew he was going to really die out there,” he told host Stephen Colbert.

As for his own prep, Cooper wasn’t taking any chances.

“I spent $2,900 buying electric clothing. I didn’t know that they had electrically heated clothing now,” he explained. “There’s a battery pack on your socks, a battery back on your vest, on your long underwear, on your hat, on your gloves, and they sold me the Ferrari of warming gloves, they said. I had coats over it, but every now and then, you could press a button and your pecks would get really hot.”


Cohen replaced comedian Kathy Griffin on the special earlier this year. Griffin was fired after sharing a controversial photo of herself holding up a replica bloody head of President Donald Trump.

The incident has caused a rift between Griffin and Cooper. Watch the clip below for more.


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