Anderson Cooper Reveals the Surprising Person Who Reached Out to Him After His Son's Birth

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Anderson Cooper was surprised by all the celebrity support he received after announcing the birth of his son, Wyatt, via surrogate last month. 

While on SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live, Cooper was asked by his pal, Andy Cohen, to name those who had sent him well-wishes after hearing of his baby news. While the CNN newsman admitted that a lot of celebrities reached out to him that he barely knew, he was only willing to call one person out by name who contacted him to say congratulations on becoming a dad.

"I got a call from Elton John," he revealed. "You know, I've interviewed him over the years."

"Was he welcoming you to the Gay Dads Club?" Cohen asked. John and his husband, David Furnish, have two sons together, Zachary, 9, and Elijah, 7.

Cohen then recalled that the music legend also reached out to him when his son, Ben, was born. "You know what, he sent Ben, like, this Gucci shirt and Gucci shorts. I was like, how cool," he told Cooper. "I've met Elton John once, so maybe he is kind of welcoming us into the Gay Dads Club."

Cooper added, "He paved the way."

The 52-year-old journalist also answered calls from listeners and talked about what it was like celebrating his first Mother's Day without his late mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, and why he thinks she knew he would name his son Wyatt.

"I was able to tell her before she died that I was having a son. She had been wanting me to have a kid for a long time," Cooper shared. "My mom was certainly from a different era and a different world but she was the most modern and accepting person I think I've ever met."

He added, "I think she would be amazed and thrilled to meet Wyatt, and I hope she can see him."

Cooper said he did not tell Vanderbilt that he was naming his son Wyatt but he thinks "she knew."

"My mom had always wanted a daughter, so she had made this list. I had found this list that her and my dad had written out with different name options for me," he recalled. "I think she knew that since it was a boy that it would by Wyatt."

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