Anderson Cooper Shares What It's Like to Co-Parent With His Ex-Boyfriend

Anderson Cooper gushes about his son Wyatt and reveals what it's like to co-parent with his ex-partner.

Anderson Cooper is not only co-parenting with his ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani, but they also still live together.

The CNN anchor made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show where he shared what it's like being a new dad to their son Wyatt, and how he's balancing daddy duties with his ex.

"We actually still live in the same house because we get along really well," Cooper revealed. "It's weird, but it works out."

Cooper told DeGeneres that initially, Maisani wasn't so sure about having a kid.

"It was interesting, because he wasn't sure he wanted to have a kid, which is one of the reasons we probably broke up," Cooper admitted. "He came around on the idea, and now, he's just such a great parent."

In fact, becoming a dad has turned Maisani into a "big softy." All this time together doesn't necessarily mean a reconciliation for the pair in the future. When asked if they'll get back together, Cooper responded with a firm, "No."

But that doesn't necessarily mean that's a no for baby number 2.

"Do you think you want Wyatt to have a sibling? Are you gonna have another baby?" Ellen prodded.

"I don't know. There's nothing in the works," Cooper said. "Yes, I would love to -- I think it would be great for him to have a sibling. I'm not sure I can handle another, but he's really such an easy kid."

For now, the newsman is just enjoying all the blissful, new baby moments.

"He's still sleeping like 12 and a half hours every night. He eats his sweet peas and his mushed cauliflower. He's just a happy little chappy, and it's such a joy," Cooper gushed.

Watch the video below to see Cooper's son Wyatt make a cameo on CNN.