Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Joke About 'Peaceful Transition of Power' Between Sons for Cutest Baby Title

Anderson Cooper Andy Cohen
Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Ben Cohen and Wyatt Cooper have weekly playdates with their famous dads.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are longtime pals and now their sons, Ben Cohen and Wyatt Cooper, are forming a friendship of their own. 

"Anderson and I now are basically killing time between naps like many other parents," the 52-year-old Bravo host said during a joint interview on Tuesday's The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. "I go over to Anderson's house every weekend and we hang out and the boys have just gotten to the point where they're acknowledging each other. Ben hugs Wyatt and gives him a little kiss. Wyatt reached for him the other day."

"It was a big moment," Cooper, 53, agreed. 

But things might get contentious between Ben, 1, and Wyatt, 7 months, now that Wyatt has dethroned Ben as People magazine's 2020 Cutest Baby Alive. 

"Will there be a peaceful transition of power?" host Colbert quipped.

"You know what, Ben, of course, is the cutest baby alive," Cohen explained of his son. "We got the offer from People magazine, and I thought that it would be very selfish, especially in a year of turmoil for us to take that award, so we said, 'Let's give it to Wyatt Cooper this year. Because hasn't Anderson been through enough, quite frankly?'"

Turns out, Wyatt has his own plans to use his influence and sway. 

"Wyatt held a meeting with me the other day and he wants to start a TikTok house, but just for babies," Cooper joked of his son. "L.A. has the Sway House. He was calling it the Poo House." 

Cohen also opened up about Wyatt inheriting Ben's old clothes or his "Ben-Me-Downs," joking, "When Anderson sends me a picture of Wyatt in Ben's old clothes, I like to put them side-by-side and do a 'Who wore it better?'"

Cohen also spoke to ET about his son's friendship with Cooper's baby boy. Check out our exclusive chat with the Watch What Happens Live host below.