Andy Cohen Opens Up About Having Coronavirus and His Road to Recovery, Including His 'Pro Tip'

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Andy Cohen is giving an update on his health after testing positive for coronavirus.

Cohen was back live on his SiriusXM channel, Radio Andy, on Monday from his New York City apartment, and discussed his experience recovering from coronavirus. The 51-year-old host said it took a total of 10 or 11 days for the virus to work through his system, but it took longer for his energy to come back. He also said he's been taking a lot of Tylenol, vitamin C, ingesting a lot of liquids and binge watching Game of Thrones to get through it.

"My symptoms were a fever, tightness in my chest, a cough, very, very achy, lots of aches and pain in the body and very tired, some chills, loss of smell and appetite," he shares.

One device he recommends to his listeners is a pulse oximeter, which measures the amount of oxygen in a person's blood.

"It's just a little machine that you can get at the drug store that you put your finger in, and it not only takes your pulse, but it measures how much oxygen you're getting to your lungs," he shares. "My doctor told me what the reading would be where it would be a cause for alarm because what you want to do is stay as far as you can from hospitals and make sure the people who are there really need to be there."

"So, it was good for me so that you can scare yourself and feel like, 'Oh my god, my lungs don't feel right,' but use the pulse oximeter and see, OK, well actually you're fine, you're within the range," he continues. "So, that's my pro tip, make sure you have Tylenol and a pulse oximeter in case you get this."

Cohen said he's been under quarantine for 12 days and that he's finally going to be able to see his 1-year-old son, Benjamin. He noted that two doctors actually gave him the OK to see Benjamin on Sunday, but he added an extra day to make sure it was safe. He previously said in an interview on SiriusXM's Jeff Lewis Live that being separated from his son was the hardest part of fighting coronavirus.

On Monday, Cohen also announced he feels well enough to shoot new episodes of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen remotely from his apartment. His staff will also continue to work from home.

"Happy to report I'm feeling better and am returning to @radioandysxm this morning, and will try to end your day with a smile when we begin WWHL@Home tonight featuring @neneleakes @lisarinna @mrjerryo!" he Instagrammed alongside a picture of himself smiling. "THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ON THE FRONT LINES OF COVID-19!"

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