Anna Faris Confirms Engagement and Shares Why She Wants to Officiate Her Own Wedding

Anna Faris
Victor Chavez/Getty Images

The 43-year-old actress is engaged to cinematographer Michael Barrett. 

Anna Faris is getting hitched! On Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden, the 43-year-old actress confirmed the rumors that she's engaged to cinematographer Michael Barrett. 

After Corden noticed Faris' yellow, cushion cut ring, Faris revealed that she's already on the hunt for someone to officiate her nuptials, asking the host if he'd try out for the role.

"Can you officiate a wedding? I would love it if you auditioned. If you came in and read," Faris joked. "I want somebody that's humorous, that also brings heartfelt sentiment, that doesn't talk too much about themselves."

"Well, that's a problem," Corden responded. "I really strike out on all three of those."

With Corden out of the running, Faris revealed that she'd actually like to take on the responsibility herself.

"I could do it. I could!" Faris said of officiating her own ceremony. "I need a lot of attention, James." 

"I think as the bride, you get the most attention," Corden replied. "No one leaves a wedding going, 'Oh, the officiator was on fire! It was incredible.'"

Attention then turned to fellow Late Late Show guest Michael Peña, who thought he'd be good for the job.

"I would be more like a ref. I'd be like, 'Go! Go! Time out! Time out! You may now kiss the bride,'" he quipped.

Rumors that Faris and Barrett were secretly engaged first started swirling in November 2019, when the actress was seen wearing a ring on that finger out in public.

In January, Faris' Mom co-star, Allison Janney, told Us Weekly that Faris and Barrett, who have been together since 2017, have been engaged "for a long time."

When ET caught up with Janney later that month, she apologized for spilling the beans about Faris' engagement.

"I don't always follow up on everything. Someone asked me on the red carpet about the engagement and I'm like, 'Of course,'" she said. "I don't think it was my news to share. So I think from here on out, I'll let Anna speak about her life."

"All I know is I love her very much," Janney added.

Watch the video below for more on Faris.