Anna Faris Opens Up About 'Boy Crazy' Past as Jimmy Kimmel Reads Excerpts From Her Childhood Diary

Anna Faris
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Before she was famous, the 'Mom' star spent her days writing about her crushes.

Celebrities, they're just like us!

Long before she was famous, Anna Faris spent her days daydreaming about cute boys and writing about them in her childhood diary. On Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, some of the Mom star's most embarrassing (but adorable) entries were exposed by host Jimmy Kimmel.

"This is so mortifying," Faris, 41, admitted. "Please don't let my parents know. I'm so boy crazy."

Boy crazy, indeed! As Kimmel began to read some of her entries, fans quickly picked up on the fact that Faris didn't have just one crush, but quite a few crushes... like Ryan G. and Ryan L.

"He likes me. I know Ryan likes me," Kimmel said, quoting what Faris once wrote. "He always puts his arm around me and calls me ‘honey,' even if he's going with Beth."

"Ryan Lewis, our paperboy, likes me, too," Kimmel continued to read. "And on weekends, I flirt with him. Got to run."

Faris then chimed in, telling Kimmel, "As I read through all of these painful memories, I realized that I bribed everybody in my life," she joked. "Ryan Lewis, I would leave sodas out for him. Ryan G., I would buy him ice cream all the time. I don't know."

Earlier this week, Faris talked about the type of guys she's going after these days in an interview with Women's Health. After splitting from Chris Pratt after eight years of marriage last August, the blonde beauty is now looking for someone who can be there for her at the end of a long work day.

"I love love!" she shared. "Like all of us, I need a sense of human connection and intimacy. At the end of a workday, I feel exposed and kind of raw. I want to be with someone I can confess to, and who can confess to me."

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