Anna Faris Reveals the Funny Reason She 'Got Rejected' From Her Son’s Potential School

Anna Faris
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

She shared the story on Wednesday’s ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

Apparently celebrity status doesn’t mean that much in the world of Los Angeles private schools!

Anna Faris opens up about a recent funny experience she had trying to get her 5-year-old son, Jack, into a school in L.A. During her appearance on Wednesday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Mom star, 41, reveals that applying for private schools has been “terrifying.”

“I went to this private school where they had all the parents sit around in a circle -- and I don’t know anybody -- and there were a bunch of toys in the middle of a circle and we were supposed to pick a toy out and talk about the weather," she recalls of the awkward icebreaker. "That was the only instruction."

Faris says she viewed the exercise as therapeutic, and picked up a stuffed bear to talk about how scared she was to be doing this and her fears of rejection. She remembers speaking for a while before forcing herself to stop.

“I’m realizing as I’m saying this, I’m putting my foot in my mouth, so I pass the bear on to the next person, and she’s like, ‘Well, it’s pretty sunny outside for me!’” Faris remembers another parent touting.

She notes that the rest of the moms and dads solely commented on the weather. “I wanted to run out of there so fast," she exclaims. "Anyway, we got rejected.”

After hearing the story, DeGeneres quips, “I could have told you that about two minutes ago!”

Embarrassing moment aside, Faris knows her son is being well cared for following her split from ex Chris Pratt. “[Jack]’s amazing and he is so happy and sweet and he’s surrounded by love,” she shares.

For more on Faris and Pratt’s life co-parenting Jack after their breakup, check out the clip below!