Anna Faris Shares Her Hilariously Candid Parenting Tips With Pregnant Eva Longoria (Exclusive)

Anna Faris is sharing some valuable advice with her 'Overboard' co-star, Eva Longoria, when it comes to raising a son.

Anna Faris is sharing some valuable advice with her Overboard co-star, Eva Longoria, when it comes to raising a son.

ET spoke to the two women on Thursday about their highly anticipated new film, a reimagining of the 1987 classic starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. During the exclusive chat, Faris got candid about taking care of her 5-year-old son Jack in front of Longoria, who's currently expecting her first child -- a baby boy -- with husband Jose Baston.

"I have no advice to give, except epidural immediately," Faris joked to Longoria and ET's Carly Steel.  

But she definitely had some thoughts on the difficulty of taking Jack to the bathroom!

"I don't know why my mind goes to ... it is, like, the peeing thing," she admitted. "Yes, it is the toilet, it is all over the place and somebody told me to put some Cheerios in the toilet so they can aim... I don't know, it didn't really work. That is all I got."

"And when you are changing the diaper, this crazy things happens -- I don't know if it is because they are relaxed -- suddenly you will get, like, a little fountain right up in your face," she added.

On a more serious note, 41-year-old Faris acknowledged she was still learning as a mother.

"I never sort of found myself as a natural, like, fit into motherhood but.... I don't know, I love my kid," she said of her adorable child with estranged husband Chris Pratt. "We have a blast. I hope he is going to be a good person someday."

In Overboard, Faris plays Kate, a down-and-out carpet cleaner who lands a job on a yacht that is owned by the affluent Leonardo (Eugenio Derbez). Not long after, the two have an altercation that ends with Leonardo throwing Kate's carpet-cleaning machine in the ocean, but he too falls overboard and gets amnesia. 
As revenge, Kate -- along with the help of her friend, Theresa (Longoria) -- decides to pose as his wife and fool him into thinking he's married to her and the father of her three children. 

The film hits theaters on May 4.

For more on the movie, watch the video below:


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