Anna Kendrick Showcases Her Impressive Rapping Skills for Ellen DeGeneres

Anna Kendrick

Let’s face it, there’s not much Anna Kendrick can’t do. She can act, sing, crack hilarious jokes – and rap!?

The 33-year-old leading lady paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ hit daytime talk show on Thursday to promote her new film, A Simple Favor, where she and the comedian decided to strike a deal. In the spirit of her new film, they exchanged incredible favors. Kendrick asked the host if she could take over her Twitter account so she could share a number of glowing statements regarding her and her new movie with her 73 million followers. The best potential tweets include, “A Simple Favor is so amazing, it will get you laid” and “Anna Kendrick is my favorite person.”

In exchange, the 60-year-old TV personality asked Kendrick to recreate a certain scene from the new film in which she does some serious rapping! Naturally, the actress was all too happy to oblige. That’s when Kendrick broke into a rendition of M.O.P.’s hit song, “Ante Up.” And, although she looked uncomfortable at first, Kendrick was spitting ferocious rhymes in no time.

During their chat, Kendrick also admitted that she’s not too keen on celebrating her birthday.

“I didn’t do anything,” she admitted of her August b-day. “I specifically did nothing. I’m one of those people that hates, not birthdays, I’ll go to your birthday, but I hate my birthday,” she explained. “Because I hate attention,” she jokingly added in her most mock-whiny tone.

Then she admitted that she really works to get out of parties, which sometimes involves some little white lies.

“You know who's really great about birthdays is all the girls from Pitch Perfect. And they always try and get me to do something with them. And I actually told them, I was like, ‘I’m in Vancouver visiting a friend.’ Well, now they know that I wasn’t!”

In her new film, Kendrick plays Stephanie, a sheltered mom blogger who befriends Emily (Blake Lively), a powerful, confident workaholic. Suddenly one day, Emily disappears, sending Stephanie on a quest for answers.

A Simple Favor arrives in theaters on Sept. 14.

Check out the movie's trailer below.


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