Anna Wintour Says There Are 'Too Few' Black Employees at 'Vogue,' Addresses Past 'Hurtful' Content

The editor-in-chief of 'Vogue' and artistic director for Conde Nast sent out an email to staff taking 'full responsibility.'

Anna Wintour is owning up to the mistakes and injustices made at Vogue. The 70-year-old editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine and artistic director for Condé Nast sent an email to staffers about the publication's transgressions. 

Wintour began the message, which was obtained by ET, with acknowledging the "sadness, hurt, and anger" that her staff might be experiencing at this time in America's history. 

"I want to say this especially to the Black members of our team -- I can only imagine what these days have been like," she wrote. 

Wintour added that she felt "it should be a time of listening, reflection, and humility for those of us in positions of privilege and authority."

The fashion icon noted that it would be announced shortly how "work is being done" on a corporate level to support organizations. Wintour did not specify what organizations.

"Meanwhile, I want to say plainly that I know Vogue has not found enough ways to elevate and give space to Black editors, writers, photographers, designers and other creators," she continued. "We have made mistakes too, publishing images or stories that have been hurtful or intolerant. I take full responsibility for those mistakes."

Once again addressing her black staff members, Wintour wrote, "It can’t be easy to be a Black employee at Vogue, and there are too few of you. I know that it is not enough to say we will do better, but we will—and please know that I value your voices and responses as we move forward. I am listening and would like to hear your feedback and your advice if you would like to share either."

This message comes after weeks of protests across the country and around the world in the wake of George Floyd's death. Floyd was a 46-year-old black man who after a police officer pressed his knee into Floyd's neck for more than eight minutes.  

Earlier this week Adam Rapoport resigned as the editor-in-chief of Bon Appétit magazine, another publication of Condé Nast, after a photo of him surfaced in brown face.


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