Anne Hathaway’s Birthday Message to Julie Andrews Will Give You All the ‘Princess Diaries’ Feels

Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway

"I was lucky enough to have learned from the very best at the very beginning."

Anne Hathaway is putting her princess lessons to good use!

The 35-year-old actress took to Instagram on Monday to wish Julie Andrews a happy 83rd birthday. The duo co-starred in The Princess Diaries in 2001, and its sequel, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, in 2004. Hathaway starred as Mia Thermopolis, a highschooler who finds out she's a princess, while Andrews played her long-lost grandmother, Queen Clarisse Renaldi, in the beloved teen flick.

"The importance of grace; The knowledge that power is nothing without respect; Why one must have patience, positivity, perspective, manners, kindness, and humility Always, To everyone, (No exceptions)," Hathaway captioned a pic of the pair at the fancy ball in the first film. "The joy in treating people as a gift rather than a burden; How far choosing gratitude can get you."

"If I know anything about any of this, It’s because I was lucky enough to have learned from the very best at the very beginning," Hathaway continued of her very first movie role. "Happy Birthday Julie, Queen Eternal. All my love, Annie."

Though it's been more than 17 years since the original film hit theaters, fans are still eager for a third installment! Garry Marshall -- who directed both movies -- passed away in 2016, but, according to his longtime friend and Princess Diaries actor, Hector Elizondo, he was on board to make the franchise a trilogy.

"[Anne] was talking to Garry about doing a Princess Diaries 3," Elizondo revealed to ET. "He was looking forward to being involved in that one way or another."

Last summer, Andrews told Today that "there's always been talk" about a third movie, but she'd "have to speak to Anne Hathaway" to see if she'd reprise her iconic role.

"It's a 'yes' if they ask me, only if it happens of course," Andrews assured.

Watch the video below for more on a possible sequel: