Anne Heche Says Ellen DeGeneres Didn't Want Her to 'Dress Sexy' When They Were Together

The actress is taking a look back at some of her 'most iconic fashion looks.'

Anne Heche isn't holding back.

In one of her recent TikTok videos. Heche hilariously reviewed her "most iconic fashion looks" from over the years, including one of her and ex-girlfriend Ellen DeGeneres -- which inspired her to share an interesting tidbit about their relationship. The photo shows the two color-coordinated at the Golden Globes in 1998, with DeGeneres in a silk navy suit and Heche in a matching dress and sheer duster.

"Why do I look like a hippie?" Heche says before revealing, "It's because Ellen didn't want me to dress sexy."

She gives her look a 0 out of 10, putting her thumb down and saying, "Bye, no."

Heche and DeGeneres dated from 1997 to 2000.

Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Elsewhere in the video, she also comments on a "total hit" red Prada ensemble that featured a funky hat that she wore presenting with P. Diddy at the 1998 VH1 Fashion Awards. There is also a Versace cut-out gown she rocked at an HBO afterparty that she gave herself a 10 out of 10.

The video ends with one of her most famous looks she wore during her time on the last season of Dancing With the Stars. "What better time to have you go inside out, upside down and backwards for gay rights and human rights," she says of her rainbow caped outfit. "I am the flag."

While on the dancing competition show, Heche got candid about her relationship with DeGeneres and how going public with their love in the late 1990s almost cost them their career, and led to years of exclusion from the industry.

"My story moved the needle for equal rights forward, when I fell in love with Ellen DeGeneres," said Heche during a segment on DWTS. "At my movie premiere for Volcano, I said I was taking Ellen as my date. I was told I would lose my Fox contract."

"She took my hand and said, 'Do what they say.' I said, 'No thanks,'" the actress continued. "I took Ellen to the premiere, I was ushered out and told I was not allowed to go to the afterparty for fear they would get pictures of me with a woman. It was unbelievable."

Heche said DeGeneres was "warning" her about what would happen, but she didn't see it. "I was in a relationship with Ellen for three and a half years, and the stigma attached to that relationship was so bad, I was fired from my multimillion dollar picture deal. I did not work in a studio picture for 10 years," she said. 

In October, Heche also told ET while co-hosting the show, "[It was] one of the hardest things I think I've ever done, and I work hard. But, you know, you say yes to things in life -- or you can say no, but what's the fun in that?"

She also told ET that she hadn't spoken with DeGeneres in quite a while, and didn't tell her she'd be addressing their romance on the show.

"With relationships, I think many of us have [been there], you come to a fork in the road, 'What do you want and what do I want?'" she explained. "Those goals, that intent in life, is determined by the individual. Her intent and my intent were different and that's why we separated."

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