Anne Heche's Son Homer Celebrates 21st Birthday With His Dad: 'He's Good, Anne'

Anne Heche, Homer Laffoon and Coley Laffoon
Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for Mammoth Media Institute/Instagram/coleylaffoon

Homer's dad took to Instagram to share the moment.

Homer Heche Laffoon turned 21 on Thursday, and helping him celebrate the milestone birthday is his father with a road trip to San Francisco and a special message for the young adult's late mother, Anne Heche.

In a touching Instagram post, Homer's father, Coley Laffoon, posted a carousel of photos featuring Homer throughout his life. There are photos of him as a young child and others where he's all grown up. But it's the lengthy caption that captured hearts, with Coley assuring Anne that Homer's in good hands.

"Impossible not to close my eyes and think of @anneheche zooming around the cosmos, swinging by Northern California, smiling her knowing and still vulnerable smile as she races past," Coley wrote in part. "He's good Anne. Thank you for trusting him to me. It's going to keep being great. I promise."

The proud father also paid homage to Homer.

"21 years.goes fast. Before you know it the journey of a lifetime has become two lives," he wrote. "Intertwined, inseparable in the sense that what is in one is in the other. Homer is in me as much as I'm in him. It's baked in."

Coley divulged that the trip happened despite his wife, Alexi, being in the third trimester of her pregnancy and with three children at home. 

Coley Laffoon / Instagram

"Special thank you to @thesoulshineschool for holding down the fort in her third trimester with three small children at home because she believes in this father son time and supports us with every fiber of her heart and body," Coley wrote in his caption.

The birthday celebration comes amid Homer's appointment as administrator of his late mother's estate. Back in January, he also announced a second memoir by Anne, written by the actress before her death, was forthcoming.

Homer, posting from his late mother's Instagram account, shared a look at the cover of the new book, titled Call Me Anne, as well as a message of gratitude for the words of love and support he's received in the wake of his mother's death.

"Hi Everybody, Homer here. Never imagined I'd find myself responsible for mom's IG account, but here we are," he wrote. "First things first, from August to now, the amount of love, care and support shown by those on social media and IRL has been overwhelming and blessedly received - thank you. One day at a time is working for me as I'm sure the healing journey will be a long one. Your good thoughts and well wishes will continue to comfort me on my path."