Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi Perform 'Just Look Up' on 'The Voice' Finale

The first-time 'Voice' coach took the stage for an epic performance during Tuesday's live finale!

Ariana Grande may not have a singer in The Voice's season 21 finale, but that didn't stop her from delivering an incredible performance!

The first-time Voice coach took the stage with Kid Cudi during Tuesday's epic live finale to perform their new track, "Just Look Up." The song is featured in Adam McKay's star-studded Netflix film, Don't Look Up, in which Ari and Cudi cameo as an A-list couple, tasked with warning their fans about the end of the world -- through song, of course.

Dressed in a floor-length golden gown and black elbow gloves, Ari crooned her soaring ballad in front of a galactic light show as the lyrics get hilariously more prescient.

"Listen to the goddamn qualified scientists / We really f***ed it up this time," she sings on the track. "It’s so close I can feel the heat big time / You can act like everything is alright, but this is probably happening in real-time."

Ahead of the big finale, the Voice coaches opened up to ET about Ariana's first season on the panel. John Legend praised her as a "conscientious and loving" coach, who offered her team members "specific and excellent advice." 

And while Ari was a bit down on herself for not having any competitors in the season 21 finale, Kelly Clarkson assured her that many coaches have been in the same position in Voice seasons past, while also praising her for putting an immediate emphasis on vocal health with her team. "I was like, how have we never talked about this! It's so important." Kelly remarked.

For her part, Ariana said she felt "so blessed" to have coached her first season of The Voice -- even if it didn't end in a victory.

"I wouldn't change anything about it. I know I'm out of the running in a big way, but I had the most beautiful time, and I feel like I got to do some really special work with these artists," she shared. "And I will continue to know and work with them, and I care deeply about them."

"I made incredible friendships, and learned so much from [my fellow coaches]," Ari added. "I'm so blessed to have been a part of it, and it was a very cherished experience to me."

See more from this season of The Voice in the video below.