Ariana Grande Supports Fans Boycotting Her Song ‘7 Rings’ for This Funny Reason

Analyzing Ariana Grande's '7 Rings'

Fans are showing their dedication in a surprising way!

Ariana Grande's fans are boycotting one of her songs for a surprising reason!

On Wednesday, fans started tweeting out in support of Grande's latest single, "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored," in hopes of it nabbing a number one spot after both her previous singles -- "thank u, next" and "7 Rings" -- did.

Fans had an interesting plan for accomplishing their goal though: tweeting #Boycott7Rings. Their hope was that, by boycotting "7 Rings," the new track would more easily slip into the top spot. Grande caught on to the trend when a fan tweeted, "tell ariana to get off her a** and f**king promote it," in reference to her new single.

"i'm..... rehearsing for tour..... r u ok," Grande replied.

"break up with your rehearsals, we're bored," another fan tweeted.

"y’all are so insane and funny and i love u," she wrote. "nothings funnier than ‘boycott seven rings’..... i can’t lmao. whatever’s meant to be will be, babies i ain’t goin nowhere #thankunext."

In a follow-up tweet, Grande wrote "ur all sick" in reference to her fans' boycott.

Another fan told Grande that they'd organized a streaming party for the latest single in order to block "7 Rings," something she said made for "a wild time."

"this is a wild time for us lmao," she wrote. "do ur thing but also like how is this our problem rn ...... what the f**k ??? #thankunext"

Grande told her fans to "stop it rn" in another tweet, but when a fan told her, "shut up. we aiming for that 3rd #1," Grande jumped back on board.

"k," she wrote.

Grande continued her tweetstorm, asking fans if they were OK and declaring her love for her extremely dedicated fandom.

The friendly boycott isn't the only way "7 Rings" has stirred up some drama. Watch the video below for more on the track: