Ariana Grande's Boyfriend Dalton Gomez Makes Cameo in Her & Lady Gaga's ‘Rain On Me’ Weather Channel Spoof

The singer's beau helped her shoot a teaser promo for the music video for her new song with Lady Gaga.

Ariana Grande knows who to turn to for help while weathering a storm. Grande and Lady Gaga just dropped a teaser promo for their new collaboration, and the "7 Rings" songstress got some special help from her boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, for the funny video.

In the promo for their new tune "Rain On Me," Grande and Gaga decided to spoof a Weather Chanel report, which saw both singers standing under umbrellas as water cascades around them.

"It was beautiful just yesterday but oh wow, how things have changed," Gaga says in the short clip. "Today it is pouring rain, we are soaking wet. While some are complaining of the recent downpour, we would like to celebrate the rain. Live from Beverly Hills is Ariana Grande with more to report."

The video then cut to Grande, sitting inside and still getting "rained" on while holding up her Weather Channel umbrella. The songstress responded with pitch perfect news anchor delivery and quoted a line from their tune: "'Rain on me, tsunami! Water like misery but the people are still going."

The cute back and forth soon broke the fourth wall when cutting from a close-up shot of the two singers to wide shots, showing both of them standing under a hose. For Grande, it was Gomez standing over her with a retractable sink hose spritzing water over his girlfriend's umbrella.

It was a sweet, unexpected cameo from Grande's beau, and she later shared a snapshot of Gomez to her Instagram story, alongside a heart-eyes emoji.

Ariana Grande/Instagram

For her part, Gaga also shared a sweet exchange with Joan Grande, Ariana's mom.

"@joangrande how did you raise such a perfect fairy. You must also be a fairy. The fairy convention has begun," Gaga tweeted at the pop star's mom. "BRING ON THE FAIRIES. Thank you for your daughter and her beautiful spirit."

Meanwhile, Grande's boyfriend recently made another surprise appearance earlier this month in the music video for Grande's collaboration with Justin Bieber, the quarantine anthem "Stuck With U."

News first broke that the 26-year-old singer is dating the Los Angeles luxury real estate agent back in March. According to People, they had been privately dating for approximately two months before the initial reports, as Grande didn't want another public relationship. 

For more on Grande and Gomez, check out the video below.