'Arrow' Cast Celebrates Series Wrap With Heartfelt Posts and Photos

The stars of The CW's flagship superhero series finished production on their final episode on Wednesday.

The cast of Arrow is getting ready to take their final bow.

The stars of The CW's flagship superhero series wrapped production on their final episode on Wednesday and signed off with dozens of heartfelt messages, tributes and photos on social media.

Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen aka the titular Green Arrow, shared a photo on Instagram of his 6-year-old daughter, Mavi, trying out the Arrow lair's legendary salmon ladder.

"Working on Arrow changed my life," the proud dad captioned the sentimental shot. "And every single time I think I’ve got my emotions in check, something like this happens."

Colton Haynes, who returned to reprise his role as Roy Harper, aka Arsenal, in the final season, shared a series of shots with his castmates throughout the years, along with a heartfelt message. 

"Today is the last day on Arrow. The last day I will get to go to work with these beautiful humans on a show that gave me so much," he wrote. "These ppl were with me through all the good & sad times & helped me through more than I can ever repay them for. Thank you @gberlanti for bringing me on this wonderful journey & to all the incredible writers, producers, cast, crew, & FANS for being so incredible all these yrs. ❤️❤️❤️."

Katie Cassidy Rodgers, who plays Laurel Lance, aka the Black Canary, posted a pic with "OG" castmate Willa Holland, as well as a group shot of the season 8 cast.

"#ARROW my fam bam! The amount of love and respect I have for this brilliant cast is insane. I couldn't imagine the long nights with anyone else ? I can’t believe it’s coming to the end," she captioned the sentimental shot. "You all have inspired me in so many ways and I’m blessed to have been apart of this incredible journey. Thank you all for being you. I love you dearly! ??????."

Rick Gonzalez, who starred as Rene Ramirez, aka Wild Dog, called out every single one of his castmates in his heartfelt post, but started out with the highest praise for the show's fearless leader.

"Where would 'Rene' be without this team? Nowhere. Where would 'Rene' be if there was no 'Oliver'? Nowhere. Where would this show be without @stephenamell? Nowhere. Or at the very least cancelled wayyyy before season 8," he wrote. "I’ve said this to you before but a fact is a fact: you worked your butt off to make this show successful. That is a great representation of leadership. When I showed up in season 5 you still put in hard work to make this show strong. And you did it smoothly. You set a blueprint. Thank you for embracing me into this world. Congratulations."

Kat McNamara, who joined the show last season as Oliver and Felicity's daughter, Mia Smoak, wrote that she "couldn't believe the final day of Arrow is upon us."

"When I began this job I was poised and ready, excited to jump in and take on a legacy of being Olicity’s kid - to create such a rich conflicted character based on a beloved relationship built by two brilliant actors for whom I have so much respect," she captioned an on-set selfie. "What I found was a family who welcomed me in - cast, crew, and creatives who joined and supported my enthusiasm in bringing Mia Smoak-Queen to life. I have nothing but love and gratitude to the entire Arrow family and the fandom for making this such a wonderful chapter of my career and of my life. No matter what the future holds, long live Star City."

Even Colin Donnell, who returned to reprise his role as Tommy Merlyn in the final season -- after being killed off in the season 1 finale -- shared a moving tribute to the show.

"I still remember what I was wearing for my audition, what the room was like, my mind being blown that I was cast, my first flight to Vancouver, walking into my first hotel room, the first fitting, meeting @StephenAmell before that meeting and seeing the amount of sushi he was gonna down post-training session, our first day of shooting spent laying on a wet pallet and not wanting it to end," he wrote.

"Cut to 2019 and the show has made 170 episodes of television, laid the groundwork for a whole universe of shows not to mention ushered in a new era of television superheroes. I’m proud to have been a part of it over the last 8 seasons but here’s what’s even more wonderful; I have always said that as I move from job to job I’m lucky if I get to keep ONE good friend after I move on. With Arrow I’ve kept more than I thought possible. People who whether I see them once a year or talk to them once a week we pick up right where we left off. That’s my greatest takeaway from my time on Arrow these last 8 seasons."

"None of that would have been possible without our creators, our writers & directors, the CW, this cast, this crew as lastly YOU the fans.
You’re the biggest reason this show became what it is," he concluded. "Thanks for all the memories and for all the fun and to all of my #Arrow family, especially @StephenAmell, Congratulations on a most amazing run."

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 Arrow's final season airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.