Ashton Kutcher Bombarded With 'Take a Shower' Chant at College Football Game

Iowa State fans were more than ready for Kutcher's 'College GameDay' appearance on Saturday.

You've got to hand it to college football fans -- they're creative in their taunts! 

Ashton Kutcher learned as much when he made an appearance on ESPN's College GameDay on Saturday, joining the broadcasting team in support of his hometown University of Iowa as they faced off against in-state rivals Iowa State.

The game was held on Iowa State's field, however, which meant the Ames crowd was less-than-friendly about Kutcher's endorsement of the Hawkeyes. And they came prepared, drowning out his commentary with an echoing chant: "Take a shower!"

The hilarious chant is in reference to Kutcher and wife Mila Kunis famously getting flack from fans and followers after stating that they don't bathe their children until "you can see the dirt on them" during a July episode of Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast.

Kutcher and Kunis poked fun at the backlash in a goofy social media video last month, in which Kutcher pretended to freak out as his kids took a bath.

"That's like the fourth time this week. Four times this week," Kutcher exclaims in the clip. "It's too much," Kunis agrees, cracking up.

"Their body oils are gonna be destroyed. What are you trying to do?" the worried father wonders out loud.

For more on the couple, check out the video below.