Ashton Kutcher Spills on Cross-Country Road Trip with Mila Kunis (Exclusive)

ET spoke to Kutcher at the premiere of his new rom-com, 'Your Place or Mine.'

Ashton Kutcher is always up for an adventure. ET's Denny Directo spoke to Kutcher at the premiere of his new Netflix rom-com, Your Place or Mine, where he dished on his cross-country road trip, and how his wife, Mila Kunis, brought Kutcher's sprinter van dreams to fruition.

"I'm like, 'We should go on a road trip across the United States,'" Kutcher shared. "And she goes, 'Ok,' and then plans every stop and makes sure that it's dialed in."

He continued, "We just got in a sprinter van and drove through the national parks of the United States, because she planned the whole damn thing. I got the sprinter van. I came up with the idea, she executed it."

Kutcher credits the success of the trip to Kunis' "sensible" attitude and her ability to make things happen. When it comes to their relationship, the That '90s Show actor said he's "the dreamer" and Kutcher is "the executor."

"I'm a dreamer, she's an executor, and that would be like the opposite functions that we serve," Kutcher explained.

ET spoke to Kutcher and his Your Place or Mine co-star, Reese Witherspoon about the rom-com earlier this week, which sees the two playing two longtime friends on opposite coasts who realize they may actually want to be more than platonic. 

When prompted about his own storybook romance, Kutcher said that while he and Kunis have not yet starred in a rom-com together, they've pretty much lived one.

"Well, I think it exists. It's called No Strings Attached or Friends With Benefits," Kutcher said, referring to his 2011 film with Natalie Portman and Kunis' similar film with Justin Timberlake. "You can choose the title. It's the same movie, and we both made it, and then we both lived it." 

Your Place or Mine debuts Feb. 10 on Netflix.