At Home With Charli and Dixie D'Amelio Ahead of Their Fashion Line Release (Exclusive)

ET was at home with the D'Amelio sisters as they launch their new fashion line and Hulu show.

Dixie and Charli D'Amelio have over 167.8 million TikTok followers combined and they have a Hulu show coming this year.

Charli is only 17 and boasts 115.9 million followers, making her the social media platform's top dog. She reportedly earns up to $100,000 per post. Their new eight-part docuseries will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at her home life with her big sis, singer Dixie. And that's not all the teen sisters -- who are worth an estimated $7 million -- have up their sleeves. They are also branching out into fashion. Only ET was at their Los Angeles home to celebrate their new line, Social Tourist, launching Thursday.

"So my dad worked in the clothing business his whole life and that's what I wanted to go to college for," Dixie, 19, tells ET's Keltie Knight. "I skipped a few steps, but I'm doing what I wanted to do so I'm very happy about that."

Charli adds, "Social Tourist is obviously very fitting to us because we do social media, but it's also about self-discovery and finding who you are because we are all a tourist to some things. We can really meet new people and figure out our self-identity, and I think that's really what it's about."

Dixie couldn't me more excited, telling ET, "I just wanna keep doing it and getting better and learning, and even though it's a little scary because we have an audience while learning, it's gonna be awesome."

The ladies hope to continue releasing new items for their followers, with Charli saying, "Our styles also change very frequently, so there's always new pieces that we're looking for. Whether it's a flared leg or a low rise or a high rise, it's always changing."  

Charli also adds that "with each of the drops, you can definitely really tell who chose what."

As for their Hulu show, the experience was something that they will never forget.

"It's definitely different than what I thought it was going to be just because I'll be doing normal things and they'll be videoing it," Charli shares. "I'm like, 'How could they make this interesting?' But then we got to watch a few little previews of the episodes and it's really cool to see our lives being portrayed in a really honest way. It shows the ups and the downs and the things we get to do every day. Nobody gets to see the business side like what is behind making this, and now people are and I think that's so exciting to be able to share with everyone."

Dixie hopes people will better understand her and their family, adding, "I’d love for people to understand us more, but this show is to show our fans and supporters what we're doing every day to make them happy and what we can do to make them happy!"

In the meantime, expect more projects from the D'Amelio sisters, including new music from Dixie.

"I’ve been working really hard these last couple months. I've been doing writing camps and writing music," she teases. "I'm releasing an EP this summer. I feel like people don't really know but I've done music my whole life. I've sang my whole life, theater, choir, everything. So this isn't just something I started once I started social media, but I'm starting to share it with people because I'm more comfortable now."

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