NPH Reflects on the 'Near Cancellation' of 'HIMYM'


Neil Patrick Harris found himself two few People's Choice Awards richer last night, and seeing as his fans were the ones to bestow him with the great honor, the How I Met Your Mother star couldn't help but think back to a time when he and his HIMYM co-stars were almost out of a job.

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"We were on the bubble of cancellation for like the first four years of our now seven year run," revealed Neil as he lovingly cradled his statuette for Favorite TV Comedy Actor.

"The fans have been so instrumental in our show and its success…they really cared about these five people and this bar and who's going to be the mother and the whole intricacies of the show. And so we really owe that all to them."

For Harris, the PCA win was just as valuable as any of the other prestigious awards this season, and with the bevy of real competition in the race since their debut seven seasons ago, he says he's more than happy with the glass statuettes garnered that evening.

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"The People's Choice is a lovely gesture," he said. "We're like old now and all these new shows are hip and cool, its nice because we're going to get overlooked for all the other ones.

Watch the video for more from Neil and the entire HIMYM cast, plus Demi Lovato, Nathan Fillion, and the Bridesmaids crew after their PCA win.