Stars React to Jodie Foster's Globes Speech


Awards acceptance speeches provide actors with not only a medium to thank those who helped them receive the award but also a platform to make their voice heard, which Jodie Foster did at Sunday night's Golden Globes. Stars reacted to Foster's acceptance speech at the WB/ InStyle party after the show.

While accepting a lifetime achievement award at the Globes, Foster digressed into her personal life, emotionally delving into her love life and sexuality. The speech captured the room and found many in the audience in tears.

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"Jodie Foster's speech made me cry. It was so beautiful," said Nashville star Connie Britton. "...She's just such an example for all of us. She's done such amazing work as a woman in film and I admire her on every level."

Also touched by the heartfelt speech were Spring Breakers actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez, who marveled at her courage in delivering the speech. Gomez labeled it as one of her favorite awards speeches of all-time.

"It was absolutely incredible. I think it was probably one of my favorite speeches and I've watched [the Golden Globes] since I was ten years old with my mom," the 20-year-old actress and signer said. "I think it was beautiful [and] well-said."

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While most had an emotional response to the speech, Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara had a different response to the speech. As she maintains, the awards season is all about celebration, not emotion.

"I didn't cry. For me, these awards [are] not about crying," she said. "For me, it's about how amazing [everything is] and celebrating. I mean, it's not like we're working on a mine in Peru. It's just fun and beautiful things."

Watch the full video above to see Globes host Amy Poehler's reaction to Foster's speech.

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