SAGs Flashback '03: Day-Lewis Meets His Celeb Fan


Movie and TV stars have thousands of fans around the globe who would love to meet them, shake their hand, or even just be in the same building as them. Sometimes we forget that those very stars themselves worship other stars. As we found out at the 2003 SAG Awards, Matthew Perry has a steady admiration for Daniel-Day Lewis.

At that year's SAG Awards, Day-Lewis was nominated for his first SAG Award for Best Actor following his vivid performance in Gangs of New York. As he is being questioned by ET's former correspondent Jann Carl about fame and fandom, he is interrupted by a celebrity fan: Matthew Perry.

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The Friends actor, who is being interviewed on the other end of ET's platform, approaches Day-Lewis and shakes his hand, wishing him luck on his nomination. Perry may have been in attendance that night for his own nomination for Friends for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series but wasn't too proud to express his adoration for a fellow actor.

"I don't know if anyone really gets used to it 'cause obviously it's not day," Day-Lewis responds to the fandom question after meeting Perry. "Plus, I live it a very remote place as well. Even just going to the city for the day is shocking."

While the English actor reveals that he hasn't prepared an acceptance speech for the nomination, he would eventually have to improvise one at the podium, as he was granted his first SAG Award that night.

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ET catches up with Day-Lewis backstage right after he wins the award. Although his acceptance speech went well without preparation, he confesses that his heart is racing. With the Oscars following a month later, Ms. Carl informs Day-Lewis of a promising trend for him that suggests that he will also win the Best Actor Award at the Oscars.

"Is that true? Don't put a curse on it. Let's wait and see," he says. "...Quite honestly, to be amongst this group of people, if any one of them won anything we'd just stand up and applaud because it's fine, fine work."

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Curse or no curse, Day-Lewis didn't receive the Best Actor award a month later at the Academy Awards. However, he did receive the Oscar five years later for There Will Be Blood, for which he had also received a SAG Award.

Five years after his last SAG-Oscar winning pair, Day-Lewis has another chance to repeat his awards season success with nominations for Lincoln for both the SAG Awards and the Oscars after recently winning a Golden Globe.