SAGs Flashback '07: Baldwin's Ray of Sunshine


Alec Baldwin has been to a few awards shows in his time, so even though he was once again nominated for what might have been his first SAG Award in 2007, the 30 Rock actor was more interested in someone who was new to the awards scene, like 10-year-old first-time nominee Abigail Breslin.

Baldwin received first SAG nomination in 1996 and had accrued four other nominations over the years, so that he was nominated for two awards that year including his first for the new 30 Rock didn't beguile the longtime actor.

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"It's nice to come. It's a really nice, pleasant experience," Baldwin says to ET's former correspondent and current omg!Insider co-host Thea Andrews. "What's interesting is to see people like the young woman behind you's a whole new experience for."

Mrs. Andrews then pulls the young Breslin, who was nominated for her first SAG Award and Oscar for Little Miss Sunshine, up on ET's platform to join in the interview with Baldwin--or rather, be interviewed by him.

While the young actress didn't win her individual award for Best Supporting Actress, she nevertheless won her first SAG Award that night as part of Little Miss Sunshine, which won Best Cast.

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Little Miss Sunshine herself must have been a ray of hope for her red-carpet buddy, as Baldwin also won his first SAG Award that night, for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for 30 Rock.

"My goodness gracious! I can't believe; I really can't!" he says to ET's former correspondent Jann Carl after winning the award. "...You never come expecting to win--never. You'd be happy if you did, but you never have any expectations."

Baldwin's unassuming mindset has likely altered since then, as he has gone on to win a SAG for all six seasons of 30 Rock, which gives makes him the most awarded actor in a single category in SAGs history (2nd: Julianna Margulies (4), Best Actress in a Drama Series).

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To the surprise of none, Baldwin is nominated yet again for 30 Rock's seventh and final season.

Is there even a question as to if he'll win it?