SAGs Flashback '07: The Queen and a King


Helen Mirren has received many accolades for her acting over the years, but no year was more special for her than 2007. The nominations and awards came crashing over the English actress for her roles as Queens Elizabeth I and II. Backstage after winning an award at the SAG Awards, Dame Mirren finds her king.

At that year's SAGs, Mirren was nominated for both of her Queen Elizabeth performances: Best Actress in a TV Movie or Miniseries for Elizabeth I and Best Lead Actress for The Queen. She had just received Golden Globes for the two acclaimed performances and was nominated for what could be her first Oscar.

It was an exciting year for Mirren, who embraces her "Woman of the Year" tag from ET's former correspondent Jann Carl but wishes that the sweetness of her success weren't so concentrated.

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Also having a career year for his acting was Forest Whitaker, who received a Golden Globe, SAG, and an Oscar for his role in The Last King of Scotland, which was also written by The Queen writer Peter Morgan.

Although he didn't literally play a king in the film, Whitaker takes on a royal persona when congratulating Mirren backstage for her win, spoiling her with compliments and kisses.

"There's nothing like that particular role," she says of her role as Elizabeth I. "...It demanded everything you had as an actress/actor and I gave it everything that I had, everything. It means so much to me for it to be recognized here in America."

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Her success at that year's awards season was beyond mere recognition; it bordered more on the lines of idolatry. Or fittingly: worship.

Mrs. Mirren went on to win her other award that night for The Queen and also won the Oscar a few weeks later for her role in the film.

While she has since stepped down from her royal platform, she has another opportunity to add to her SAGs collection with a nomination for her leading role as Alfred Hitchcock's wife in Hitchcock.