Top Must-See Moments at the BET Awards (WATCH)

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From Robin Thicke's public plea to his estranged wife Paula to happily married Beyonce and Jay Z's sexy display of love, ET recaps the top moments at the 2014 BET Awards.

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1. Whoa JHud! It's Jennifer Hudson like you've never seen her before! The Oscar winner stepped out in a scantily-clad ensemble to perform her new song Walk It Out. She was accompanied by a ripped (and shirtless) David McIntosh, who played her love interest in her music video. As a bonus, check out McIntosh's mesh underwear in this stage show.

2. Guess Who's Back!
Big BET winner Pharrell Williams was joined by none other than Missy Elliot for a special mash-up performance of their songs Come Get It Bae and Pass That Dutch. 

3. Please Paula!
Robin Thicke yet again attempted to win his woman Paula Patton back by performing his new song Forever Love. 

4. Mr. and Mrs. Carter
While they're On the Run, Beyonce and Jay Z took some time out to give a prerecorded performance of Partition at the BET Awards -- and, of course, it was sexy. 

5. Do You Smell What the Rock Is Cookin'?
Chris Rock brought down the house with his hilarious monologue at "The Black World Cup." Among his jokes, he called out Solange Knowles' elevator incident and Donald Sterling.

6. Oliver Pope
Kevin Hart really wants to be a gladiator. The comedian joined Scandal star Kerry Washington, and claimed to be her character Olivia Pope's long-lost brother Oliver Pope. WATCH.

Did we leave one out? What was your favorite moment at the BET Awards?