Jimmy Kimmel Takes the Subway to the 2014 Emmys


Who needs fancy limos? Jimmy Kimmel is using public transportation to get to the 2014 Emmys in Los Angeles tonight.

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The late night host posted a pic with his wife Molly at the turnstiles in the Hollywood and Highland station

And just in case we wouldn't believe he actually got on the train, Jimmy posted a second pic onboard, showing off his rainbow Mork suspenders in honor of Robin Williams.

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In the past, the Emmys have always been on a Sunday, which has kept them out of weekday traffic in Los Angeles. Leading up to the awards, there has been talk of "Emmygeddon" bringing the streets to a halt, but it looks like that won't be a problem for Jimmy and his wife.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live is nominated for Outstanding Variety Series.

To find out who's nominated tonight, watch the video below.