Ariana Grande Stuns the AMAs with Stripped Down Performance

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may have turned up the heat with a pyro-tastic performance at the 2014 American Music Awards, but Ariana Grande blew the crowd away with a special, stripped-down medley of her latest hits.

The lights came up on a stunningly beautiful Ariana Grande wearing one of the classiest sheer black-lace gowns we've ever seen, and suddenly we were serenaded by acoustic jazz versions of her songs "Problems" and "Break Free."

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Showing off the power of her vocal range while still managing to look classically gorgeous, Ariana, 21, seemed to be on a mission to prove that she's an adult, and can look good in styles other than mini-skirts and pony-tails.

After the slow, melodic accompaniment of the piano and saxophone, the medley transitioned into "Love Me Harder" and the acoustic performance dropped away in favor of a more modern spectacle for her duet with The Weeknd. (It still rocked!)

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The performance solidifies Grande's super-star status, proving that she has the raw talent to hang with classic songstresses and lounge singers of yesteryear - plus the flair to dominate the pop landscape she's excelled with this past year.

If nothing else, it was a far cry from her Forbidden Planet-themed sci-fi spectacular that was her MTV EMA's medley this past month.

Earlier this year, Ariana battled rumors that she's a "diva" and that she's doesn't work well with others. Check out the video below to hear how the "Problem" singer responds to these claims.

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