Oscars Host Chris Rock Expected to Joke About Diversity Issue and Sean Penn's Meeting With El Chapo

The comic genius has been in the clubs working on material that is expected to skewer Hollywood on its biggest night.

Oscars host Chris Rock has been in the clubs working on his material for Hollywood's biggest night, but ET found out what might be off limits for Rock to joke about at the Academy Awards.

"If you get off on the wrong foot, it's a real hard hole to dig yourself out of," the 51-year-old comic genius told The Hollywood Reporter.

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As a huge J.J. Abrams fan, Rock is not expected to poke fun at the new Star Wars film, but everything else seems to be fair game.

Eyewitnesses from his comedy gigs say Rock will throw some jabs at the diversity controversy and Sean Penn's meeting with El Chapo. Part of his strategy for keeping the audience on his side is to start off slow.

"You probably say something more risque at 10:30 than you do at 8:30," he noted.

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ET also spoke to someone who might know Rock best, his younger brother Tony Rock.

"He's known for pushing the envelope, so he's going to do that," Tony told ET.

Tony, a fellow comedian, will be hosting a competing event on Sunday -- the All Def Movie Awards, which is all about change.

"Hopefully this award show will create a dialogue that will get things moving as far as the Oscars is concerned," he said.

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